Local Students Support Purple Pinky/Polio Eradication

Rotarian Steve Ciddio, Rotary friend Debbie Claytor, Rotarians Jane Phillips and Sarah Rochester salute Purple Pinky Day with little fingers raised at Chamisa Elementary School as they wait for students to  participate in Rotary Club’s Purple Pinky project. Rotarians not shown include Rob Metcalf, Alison Pannell, Linda King, Mary Burns, Nancy Cerutti, Ed Van Eeckhout, Antonya Sanders, Chuck Tallman and Kim Selvage. Photo by Nancy Cerutti



To commemorate World Polio Day, Oct. 23, the Rotary Club of Los Alamos sponsored a Purple Pinky project at Los Alamos and White Rock Elementary schools. 
In partnership with the World Health Organization, Gate Foundation, Unicef and the Centers for Disease Control, Rotary International has worked to eradicate polio throughout the world since 1988. 
Only three countries now report cases of polio: Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.
Purple Pinky refers to the purple dye in which vaccinated children dip their little finger to indicate they have received the oral vaccine. Local schoolchildren supported Rotary’s polio eradication project by donating $1 to have their little finger dipped in harmless dye. All money raised, more than $1,000, will be sent to Rotary International in Evansville, ILL.


A closer look at dipping a student’s little finger in purple dye for the Rotary Club’s Purple Pinky project. Photo by Kim Selvage


Rotarian Anna Caspersen and a school volunteer help children at Pinon Elementary School participate in the Rotary Club’s Purple Pinky project. Photo by Kim Selvage
Rotarians Brian Newnam, Judy Goldie, Anne Macek, Chris Sierk, Peggy Durbin and Melissa Metcalf set up essentials at Mountain Elementary School for the Rotary Club’s Purple Pinky project. Photo by Rob Metcalf