Local Authors Book Fair Features ‘The Perils And Pleasures Of Publishing’ Feb. 4

Tom (T. Jackson) King. Courtesy photo
Writing a book seems like a huge task, doesn’t it? Authors have discovered, to their dismay, that writing the book is only half the battle: once the book is written you have to get it published.
The Local Authors Book Fair Saturday, Feb. 4 at Mesa Public Library will feature several authors who have figured out a way to get their books published, and the Fair also will feature a panel discussion by three experts in the field. The Book Fair is 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and the panel discussion is 1 p.m.
Tom (T. Jackson) King is one member of the panel who is familiar to many Los Alamos residents. He has published 24 novels, using most of the paths that are available to authors. With a background in archaeology and a love of science fiction, he was accustomed to imagining complete worlds with just a few clues.
After Retread Shop was published by Warner Books in 1988, he discovered “he could not stop writing.” King’s many voyages of imaginative discovery have led to 24 published novels, a book of poetry, and a conviction that when humans reach the stars, we will find them crowded with space-going Aliens. When the New York City publishing houses ignored his later novels he went to several small presses, then began self-publishing as an Indy author in 2011. Several of his novels have hit Amazon super-bestseller status in Space Opera. They were Stellar Assassin, Earth vs. Aliens and Battlestar, the first novel in his StarFight series.
Stephen Ledoux. Courtesy photo


Author, professor and publisher Stephen Ledoux arrived at publishing through his profession. He and his wife Nelly Case had both written books in their fields, so the path to creating their own publishing company seemed like a logical next step.

Editor and publisher Marty Gerber fills out the panel with the experience of being an editor and journalist who went on to start a small press of his own, Terra Nova, based in Santa Fe.
He will talk about the evolution of small presses, and give practical advice about how an author can connect his or her book with potential buyers.
Marty Gerber. Courtesy photo
A wide variety of authors have agreed to show their wares at the Book Fair. There will be books for kids, books for teens, adventure, sci-fi, practical manuals, comics, novels, mysteries and memoirs. The public is welcome to stop by any time between the hours of 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Feb. 4 to visit with the authors and hear them talk about their work.
For more information, visit losalamoslibrary.org and click on the events calendar. Authors who would like to participate should call Katy Korkos at 505.662.8247 to find out if there is space available.