Letter To The Editor: Variety Of Media Available At Local Libraries

Los Alamos
As an individual, I applaud Richard Nebel and Terry Goldman for sharing their views concerning the media. I have always felt immense gratitude for the First Amendment’s provisions prohibiting Congress from making any law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.”
Putting on my hat as a member of the County Library Board, I commend to our community the wide variety of media publications available online and in person at Mesa Public Library and the beautiful new White Rock Branch Library. 
Publications range from “The New York Times” to “The Wall Street Journal,” from “The Atlantic Monthly” to “The Weekly Standard” and include many other offerings. If a particular publication interests you but is not currently available, just contact a friendly member of the staff and ask that it be added. Your request will be given prompt and serious consideration.
Take advantage of your First Amendment freedoms, and pay a visit to your local library soon, online or in person!

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