Letter To The Editor: Truck Traffic Along Central Avenue

Los Alamos
Central Avenue is a relatively low-speed street, and portions of it have relatively high levels of pedestrian traffic.
Nonetheless, it seems to be a favorite route for both county and LA public school vehicles. In particular, heavy trucks often use Central Avenue to travel to and from Diamond Drive.
The situation has been exacerbated since the county-school vehicle maintenance facility was established near Eastgate. I find this curious and rather annoying.
While it is true that the Central Avenue route is shorter than the Trinity Drive route, the difference in distance is only 190 meters (0.12 miles)! I for one would really appreciate if the relevant county and school supervisors required their vehicles to use Trinity rather than Diamond.
I see little reason for such vehicles to use Central as a through street. Alternatively, the County Council could simply ban through truck traffic along Central Avenue.