Letter To The Editor: ‘Tres Parks Nacionales’

Los Alamos
This is a suggestion for the branding of Los Alamos.
First I must say how much I dislike the term branding. It suggests a hot iron applied to my backside but we may be stuck with the term as long as the county is spending money on branding.
Los Alamos has a golden opportunity to become a serious tourist destination. In the last year we have added two National Parks, the Valles Caldera and the Manhattan Project. Since Bandelier is also part of the National Park System, we can claim to have three National Parks in the vicinity.
That is quite unusual and I doubt you can find it anywhere else in the United States. Further, one involves geology, one involves Native American ruins and the third involves the development of a weapon, which changed the world.
I propose the following slogan to draw tourists to Los Alamos: Tres Parks Nacionales.

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