Letter To The Editor: ‘The Problem Of The Modern Science Of Global Warming’

Los Alamos
Mr. (Joel) Williams,

In your letter to the Los Alamos Daily Post you wrote: “I suspect that ‘climate change’ and ‘environmental pollution’ are not very well delineated. Air pollution that extends 10s of thousands of feet upwards is hard to miss. I went through Gary, Ind., back in the 1960s when the sky was bright orange and the sun set well before it went below the horizon.

Media often show citizens of Beijing wearing masks because of the extremely poor air quality. Citizens of Beijing would very likely say that ‘human activity’ is changing their ‘climate’. These are examples of mankind’s polluting the environment and not of global climate changes per say. The greenhouse effect of CO2 generated by massive levels of coal and petroleum combustion to produce electricity makes common scientific sense.”

If man’s pollution is the only one responsible for greenhouse gasses what does your science tell you about the 24 plus volcanoes whose eruptions and continuing output of millions of tons of pollutants around the world. I’ve heard a lot of bologna from so called global warming experts but not one single one of them has said a word about the issues of volcanoes. 


I can’t imagine all of humanity putting out more pollution then all the active volcanoes around the world. Even Mother Nature is not kind to herself and will destroy herself if allowed to!

Say it’s not so!


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