Letter To The Editor: Thank You Beverly Simpson

Los Alamos

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank in particular, Beverly Simpson, the Los Alamos Emergency Management Commander, the Los Alamos Fire Department and many others who dedicated their time and effort to start giving out the COVID vaccines.

I was one of the most fortunate to be able to get my first vaccine. When I arrived at the High School, I was greeted by Mr. Phil Gursky and checked in quickly and was given the vaccine immediately.

I had just a sore arm for 24 hours and feel so privileged to have been able to receive it. The entire process to get this was seamless for me, so well organized and just amazing!

Beverly I know it has been quite the task for you and your staff but I am so grateful for your hard work and expertise in putting on the Vaccination Clinics!

I would please ask everyone in the county to be patient and respectful of everyone trying to get this huge endeavor done so everyone can get their turn to be vaccinated as soon as possible so we can get back to our lives.