Letter To The Editor: Shame On LANB

Los Alamos
Shame on Los Alamos National Bank for the way they have handled their upgrade to a new banking system.
They made no effort to facilitate the changeover for customers’ online transactions at all. They should have done a software fix to transfer payees, wires, transfers and other recurring online transactions, but instead left the burden on their customers.
I had over 80 payees in my online bill payment on the old system which covered nearly all my bills, donations and other transactions, and now I’m left with the lengthy task of manually reentering each and every payee, then each and every payment. LANB didn’t even make it easy for customers to retrieve that information. Their messages said to “print screen” and other such things, but there was no option on the old web pages to download the information as a pdf or spreadsheet so that at least customers could cut and paste the information into the new system.
Even worse, I know people who were unaware that they were even involved in online payments or transfers because someone at the bank set it up for them: mortgage payments are an example. Is LANB going to pick up the pieces and delete bank charges for missed bill payments and insufficient funds because of their ineptitude?
To top it off, the new system is causing endless hassles for customers. I managed to re-enroll in online banking for myself with some difficulty, but in attempting to help my sister do so, ran into a stone wall of security barriers, which couldn’t be satisfied because the bank has wrong phone numbers for her account. And don’t try calling them. They aren’t answering their phones, or you are reaching one of those wonderful foreign out-sourced phone services.
I’ve been an LANB customer for 20 years, and I used to really like them. They were a hometown bank with personal service and low or non-existent bank charges. Over the past few years, they have turned into just another impersonal corporation, with branches all over Santa Fe and Albuquerque and escalating bank charges.
This latest fiasco really tops it off. I saw the LANB President’s letter in the Post and thought maybe he would apologize for this disaster, but no, all he has to say is how wonderful this new system is going to be for us. For the work that LANB is expecting us to put into this system switch, we could just as well change banks, which I would but for the fact that my mortgage and other business accounts are all at LANB.