Letter To The Editor: Rules Of The Road Changed

Los Alamos
Hear, hear Daren Savage on your letter to the editor in the Nov. 2 publication of the Los Alamos Daily Post.
I do a lot of walking in this town usually accompanied by my big black dog Boo and I always have to be on the defensive against the inconsiderate drivers who choose not to see you trying to cross the street at an intersection or a designated cross walk.
I guess the Rules of the Road have changed where pedestrians no longer have the right of way.
Maybe it’s time our Los Alamos Police Department should start patrolling the busy areas of our community around the high school, our commercial business sites and start issuing citations? Maybe they should try walking those areas in plain clothes and see just how our community drivers treat our pedestrians and take action against the drivers.
And as long as I’m on the bandwagon, I also ride a bicycle and take my life in my hands trying to ride around town without being cut off or smashed into by a self important driver.
This is our community, and respect for everyone’s chosen mode of transportation should be taken into consideration by all of us and that includes the people who come into our town from outside cities or villages.