Letter To The Editor: Recreation Only One Of Many Resident Needs In Comp Plan

Los Alamos
I was once LANL’s expert on radioactive waste disposal sites and other contaminated areas. I also was the Planning & Zoning Commission chairman for development of a County Comprehensive Plan. Recreation was only one of many resident needs addressed in the Plan.
  • Los Alamos cannot grow! Neither in land-size nor population.
  • Landlocked by government and Pueblo land ownership.
  • We are built on mesas with deep canyons on sides.
  • Community no longer has “location knowledge” of legacy LANL activities producing hazardous and radioactive wastes.
  • Los Alamos is a one-employer town!
  • LANL contract renews by bid on a set schedule. Current expiring-contract produced (for first time) County tax revenue from LANL New bid winner may not be taxable!
  • Federal Government does not support Los Alamos with funds.
  • Feds bought County out many years ago! Buyout money invested for all future needs.
  • Los Alamos, since the 1970s, has more recreation-facitlities/resident than any NM city!
Perhaps five present, at Council special meetings last year, were not County-employee advocates for more recreational facilities or parent advocates for their child’s sport.
  • The proposed facilities would pay for themselves. Bond and new staff and maintenance?
  • The proposed facilities would provide economic development. Los Alamos becomes a visitor/tourist destination. Land for more parking, motels, restaurants, road improvement…? Oh, I forgot: LANL gives County EXTREMELY contaminated LANL DP-Site for development.
  • Los Alamos children desperately need more recreation facilities:
  • Make historical Ashley Pond a “splash pad” for young children.
  • A child’s professional dream should be achievable in Los Alamos.
  • Today’s child is not interested in what yesterday’s child enjoyed.
Some of the facilities in the Bond Issue have merit, the majority are questionable. VOTE NO on BOND.