Letter To The Editor: Phone Scammer Gets Hostile

By A Los Alamos Resident
I’m writing in hopes that you will report on a telephone scam that occurred yesterday.
My husband’s cell phone rings with Jamaica on the caller ID. He answered and was told he had won a Mercedes Benz and $1.5 million from Publishers Clearing House! He just needs to wire transfer $299.99 from Walmart or Kroger.
Let’s call our bearer of good news “Frank.” My husband decides to keep “Frank” on the line just to waste time. He figures the longer he talks to “Frank,” the less time he has to scam someone else. 
The call gets dropped several times but “Frank” always calls back saying the car and check is on its way. In fact, it’s actually in Santa Fe on a transport truck.
We ask him if “the car” could meet us at our local Smith’s grocery store and then we can exchange these funds. At first, he answers “No, that’s not how the rules work” but keeps reassuring us, (by this time, I’m on the phone as well), that he would stay on the phone while we drove to the store. 
We were in the process of driving to our county fair and “Frank” can hear the car noise. He gets very excited and tells me to go in the store and get the form but then to come back and get in the car to fill it out. When I asked why, he said just so it’s more private. He then asks me what the questions on the form are. 
Of course I didn’t have a transfer form so I just said it wanted sender and receivers information. At this point, the phone rings with a second call and it’s “Frank’s” supervisor “Rodney Dee.” 
He’s very enthusiastic and tells me to wire the money to UPS Merchant Bank in Gallup, N.M. (he said I didn’t need a zip code) and put it in his name “Rodney Dee.” At this time I thanked him for the information and asked them both how they can sleep at night while there are scamming hard working people out of hard earned money. 
“Rodney” says “you and your husband have obviously done this before” and starts yelling and cursing. We haven’t done this before but have always wanted to! 
I tell them both that I will be reporting this to KOB, social media and our nephew who is a Los Alamos police detective as well as our local newspaper.
“Rodney” proceeds to tell me, “You don’t have s—! I just gave ya a name that’s all!” and hung up. Ok, it’s all over with, we thought. But it seems “Frank ” had to have the last word. He calls again and when I answer he says, “Ok this is what I want you to do now … s— m- d—!” 
You can imagine my husband is livid and hangs up the phone. 
This information I’m giving you is due to the fact that these guys are aggressive,methodical and obviously very determined! Clever since they could listen for the car noise and have me fill out the transfer form in private so no one overhears the conversation. I was shocked by their audacity!
They were also very upset when their bluff was called. Perhaps a bit of the information they gave isn’t fictional? I’m not surprised by the vulgarity but am surprised at how hostile they became. These scammers are the scum of society that prey on innocent people. 
I personally am not afraid to make this information public. I hope you will, too.

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