Letter To The Editor: Persona Non Grata

Los Alamos

I am “first” American … “second” New Mexican. Regardless of my political persuasions; I find that Mr. Trump’s recent behavior was so obnoxious, it deserves commentary. 

We are one of the most wonderfully diverse states. We’re a cultural treasure chest, here in the United States. I don’t always agree with our state government; and/or Governor Martinez. 

However; she’s “our” governor and a degree of respect is in order. The audacity and lack of good taste that Mr. Trump displays; coming into “our” state (link) … home, and publicly insulting “our” governor; our state, is out of line, and unwelcome. Regardless of your political party affiliation; I can’t possibly imagine that anyone would applaud such behavior. 

We New Mexican’s are allowed to criticize and disagree with one another, and our state government. Guests and visitors to our state, such as Mr. Trump should not publicly voice such rude disagreement. Heaven forbid – this is how this man would represent any and all of us, throughout the world. Kudos to Governor Martinez for representing New Mexico, and not attending the Trump rally.