Letter To The Editor: New Internet Service

Los Alamos
I write to recommend the AirFiber service introduced by LANET at the end of November last year.
In mid December we signed up for a premium plan that provides 100 megabits per second up and down and two static IP addresses. LANET owner Allan Saenz personally supervised the installation. My request for static IP addresses was not standard, but Allan responded promptly to my sequence of requests for help in getting it to work.

Here are some of capabilities we have now:

  • With the higher data rate, we can stream different movies to several rooms in our house simultaneously
  • With the static IP addresses and no restrictive terms of service, ie, a connection that respects the “end-to-end design principle”, my collaborators and I can fetch data from the file server in my basement from any other computer connected to the Internet
  • I can download or update an operating system at home as quickly and more easily than I can at LANL
  • Although the connections from LANL are erratic and have high latency, I can examine and edit files on my home systems from my office at LANL
I congratulate Allan Saenz for providing a communication utility that is appropriate for a modern high tech community.

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