Letter To The Editor: Music Teachers Give Thanks

Los Alamos
Have you ever enjoyed listening to the marching band at a parade and watching the drumline cadence by?
Maybe you’ve been to a football game and seen the marching band sousaphones or the xylophones entertaining the crowd? Or perhaps you’ve been to an elementary music performance and seen your child or grandchild singing from the risers? Possibly your child is a cellist and is able to use a cello at school – eliminating the need to haul one from home.
All of these musical supplies – drums, sousaphones, xylophones, cellos, and risers-were purchased by money provided by HB33. Thanks to the support of our community in the last referendum election, Los Alamos Public Schools have been able to purchase many necessary items for our educational programs and buildings including equipment for our music programs.
One of the very special things about our town is its strong music program and it wouldn’t be possible without the money received from the mill levy. Your vote is incredibly important, so please remember to vote and please accept the thanks from the music team for all the support you give to our students’ musical education!
The LAPS Music Team, Kim Letellier, Zane Meek, Kelsey Cline, Andrea R. Dowdy, Ryan Finn, Valerie Collins, Agela Helm, Michelle Rosette and Deanna Teague.

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