Letter To The Editor: Jesus Wants Us To Love Each Other, Not Money …

By Roy M. Moore
Los Alamos
Frankly, the thought of Mr. Creflo Dollar asking his church members for $65 million to buy a new jet plane, makes me sick.
As someone who read the Bible four times before entering high school and as someone who has tried to follow the teachings of Jesus, I recently reread his words to see exactly what he said. He told his disciples to go out into the world and to make more disciples by loving others the way he loved them.
He didn’t ask for any more ministries and he didn’t ask anyone to read the Bible (it wasn’t written until centuries later) and he didn’t tell anyone to go to church and he didn’t ask anyone to memorize the ten commandments, as he gave a new commandment to supersede the others. What he did tell them was to not accept money in his name but to pray and do good deeds in secret, to prove they serve God and not man.
What I don’t understand is how anyone can do good deeds and pray in secret on TV. One thing is certain. If there is a God, he wouldn’t need TV to see good deeds. Jesus said “they think they will be heard for their many words, but they have already received their reward,” unless, of course, they do get their new jet plane! Jesus clearly said that one can’t love money and spirit. I guess we know what TV preachers love.
The truth is that there is someone in need everywhere and no one needs a jet plane to find those who are hungry, or those who need clothing, or those who need comforting because they are lonely in spirit or in prison.

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