Letter To The Editor: I Told You So…

Los Alamos
I am going to relish in saying I told you so, but you see, our wonderful government has once again found a way to keep on taxing us instead of giving it back.
Yes HB33 will not raise our taxes but when that last tax increase was instituted it was promised to end and be no longer needed. But I want it back and actually need the money for improvements to my own house!
Doesn’t it seem strange that our govt. thinks our schools are not good enough for our children to learn in and that’s the excuse they use?
Actually our oldest schools are better than 90 percent of all the schools in the rest of the world. What is the real truth?
The real truth is our local governmental body has the spending habits of a teenager with daddies credit card and will use any and every old lame excuse they can grab hold of to spend money on things that we really don’t need.
They didn’t appropriate money for the utilities infrastructure so they raised out utilities a whole bunch to pay for that and now they are trying to tell us that they haven’t appropriated money for maintenance and other such expenditures so now we get to keep on paying the same old taxes instead of getting them back.
Well thanks for nothing LA Government! Why not use that money you are planning to use to rebuild another school for the expenditures of HB33 and give the People of Los Alamos a tax break for once in your life!
I am personally sick and tired of supporting your adolescent spending habits! I don’t believe that I am the only one either!