Letter To The Editor: Higher Education

By DAVID SUTTON, candidate
UNM-LA Advisory Board Member
It’s very simple. To me, there is no greater achievement for our young people than to pursue higher education.
Higher education helps those wanting to improve their lives and their situations, which is the surest path toward establishing a good career and stability. Northern New Mexico students, from Los Alamos, the surrounding Pueblos and the Valley, need and deserve a local, affordable school that can help them achieve their educational and economic goals.
I have been on the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos Advisory Board for three years and during that time I have seen many students from our school flourish and establish themselves as productive and outstanding members of the community.
Currently, UNM-LA students, in addition to going to classes, also work in the community, providing a much-needed labor force to local businesses, a big plus that is overlooked when people discuss the benefit of having the school in our community.
Los Alamos displayed just how much it values our great institution, passing the mil levy, by a wide margin, in the mail-in election. UNM-LA is deeply grateful for your support, as am I.
I was first inspired to join the UNM-LA Advisory Board because a previous mil levy election had failed. I am proud to have participated in achieving the passage of this mil levy.
I am honored to serve on the UNM-LA Advisory Board. In doing so, I can help our institution by ensuring your money is being spent wisely.
Being a local small business owner, I know how to utilize a lean budget to its full potential and how to get the most out of available resources. As a longtime resident of the area, I know how important it is to cultivate the talent of our young people so they will live locally, work locally, shop locally and contribute their time locally.
There is still plenty of work to be done. For the next term, I want to help UNM-LA expand its Dual Credit Program to include opportunities for students wanting to learn vocational and trade skills and expand Community Learning Projects. I am in favor of rehiring a grant writer, who I believe is an invaluable employee for UNM-LA, and would like to see the position resume as soon as is practicable. Student housing continues to be an issue, and I want to help UNM-LA better establish and grow potential housing. Housing availability can be tight, and whatever UNM-LA can do for its students will benefit them and the community at large.
Having lived in Northern New Mexico for most of my life, I have seen the continued benefits to Los Alamos, Espanola Valley and the Pueblos, provided by UNM-LA. I am proud to be part of that effort to improve students’ lives, and I ask for your vote to continue to be part of a great Northern New Mexico institution.