Letter To The Editor: Gay Love

Los Alamos
In this season of love, I would like to remind everyone that the message of Jesus was to love everyone.
We are to love our neighbors, love those who are different, and even to love our enemies. Too many times lately I’ve seen others express hatred for gays in the name of religion, refusing to make them cakes or take their pictures.
One of our state congressman is even introducing a law to allow some to hate in the name of religion. I don’t know what religion he is talking about, but I hope it’s not Christianity.
There is no doubt that Paul spoke against gays in his writings, later made into parts of the Bible, even though the message of Jesus was just the opposite.
If you remember, Paul also wanted everyone to be single like him, even though Jesus taught that the family is to the evolution of society as DNA is to the evolution of life.
And if everyone followed Paul’s advice, there would be no families or even children, if everyone on Earth was single, like Paul.
Paul was one of the great humans of our planet, but he completely changed the message of Jesus from one of the individual and his direct relationship with his creator, to the message of reliance on the Church, a concept that doesn’t even exist on most worlds.
If one believes in the teachings of Paul, then I would think that would make them a Pauline, not a Christian. But the followers of the teaching of Christ are loving to everyone.
The Urantia Book teaches that one’s sex life has nothing to do with spirit growth or the eventual ascension process. All sexual morals come from the society, as Jesus is not concerned with your sex life, but rather how you treat others.
In the teachings of Rodan of Alexandria included in the UB, he clearly shows that couples of the same sex can have the same characteristics as “normal” couples.
These are mutual self-expression and self-understanding, union of souls – the mobilization of wisdom, the increase of enthusiasm for living, and the enhanced defense against all evil.
Children need two loving parents dedicated to raising them with the skills, knowledge, and spiritual foundation necessary for a successful life.
If you hate any group, and God sends a member or members of that group to you, your responsibility, if you are a Christian, is to love them, and you can’t love them by denying them service.
Maybe what God really wanted was for you to meet these people and to serve them with love as you have been instructed. The benefit to you is that your own love is expanded and you are given an opportunity to increase your love of all things and peoples that God has made.
So in this season of love, let us all try to remember that love is not necessarily a feeling, so much as an act of your will in joyful service to your fellow human beings.
Moore later, if it be the will of God, and the Post.