Letter To The Editor: First Use Your Head, Then Heart

Los Alamos
With stories of toddlers washed up on beaches, and abductions of children, it is easy to see why the Syrian Refugee Crisis is an emotionally charged issue.
However, as Albert Camus once said, “Good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.” And with the media blowing everything out of proportion, it is difficult to be informed.
However, I do believe that just the risk of one refugee being a terrorist is enough to outweigh any potential gain. The fact is we do not know if any of the refugees are dangerous, but we do know that there is a chance, no matter how small, that some of them might be.
If you had a huge pile of food and were told some of it might be poisoned, would you take any of it? In order to analyze whether this is a wise decision we have to weigh the risks with the rewards. The risks are clear, but the rewards are a bit murky.
Why should the Syrians be allowed to by-pass the immigration laws? Are there not other people in horrible circumstances across the world? Why are the Syrians so special? What does America stand to gain from housing these refugees? How would they function in society? Would they not fit in better in a culture more like their own?
All these questions, and many more must be answered before anyone can say whether it is a good idea to house these refugees. As a nation we have to weigh the potential danger with the potential gain, and I do not see a lot of benefit to outweigh any potential risk.