Letter To The Editor: Energy

Los Alamos
In my quest to find intelligent life on Earth, I’ve come to a roadblock on the issue of moving our world from hydrocarbons to the exclusive use of renewable hydrogen as our only fuel.
I’ve written the President, my two Senators, my congressman, Gov. Martinez, the Navajo Nation, PNM, The Sierra Club, all my local representatives, several newspapers, several TV stations, and I’ve presented this very concept before our county council, until they kicked me out.
The Los Alamos Daily Post printed my letter to President Obama, where I used the example of the Four Corners Power Station on Navajo land to show that a number of solar panels could produce enough hydrogen to replace all four coal fired generators.
This system would be totally clean, never again require fuel to be purchased, reduce the amount of water used in power generation, and would set the example for the rest of the world in how to move to renewable energy, without giving up any of the conveniences of modern living.
Everywhere people are searching for a cheap battery to store renewable energy, while hydrogen has been known for decades to be a cheap and reliable method of storing energy.
Most of the people I write don’t even bother to write me back. I guess the publisher of the Santa Fe paper was too busy driving under the influence to cover this important story, as I wrote him just before he made the news.
But the ones that do write back are the funniest. I guess someone on their staff finds one key word in a constituents letter and then matches it to a stock letter that has something to do with the key word. The letters I get back would receive an F from me if I were still teaching, because they all miss the point completely and have no connection to the letters I write.
How does one communicate with one’s representatives when they never read the letters sent to them?
Ben Ray Lujan was the first to ignore me. He came to Los Alamos shortly after he was elected in his first run for office and I had voted for him. I met him when he gave a speech at the Fredericksons’ house as they were dedicating their new solar panels (which have generated an excess of energy ever since that time and they have had no electric bill). After the speech, I gave him a copy of Harry Braun’s plan to move the entire American economy to renewable hydrogen in a single decade. Mr. Lujan was very friendly, accepted the paper I handed him, and announced that he would keep in touch. (Know how to tell if a politician is lying? His lips move.)
Since that date, Mr. Lujan and his staff have refused to even answer the 15 or so letters I’ve written to him asking him to consider renewable hydrogen. But he has been bought by the oil companies and has proposed building natural gas filing stations all along our interstate highways, so we can continue to pollute our world and fill the pockets of oil men and politicians. I hope he calls himself a congressman and not a representative, because he refuses to represent me.
My two senators have answered my letters, but again, the answers were meaningless. The first time I wrote Mr. Heinrich, I did get a very nice response back where he said that someone like me, an unknown, would be just the one to discover a solution to the energy problem. Mr. Braun was the one who discovered the solution, I only repeated it to anyone that would listen. So I wrote him back with more details of the solution, but this time I guess I just got a staffer, because the letter I got back had no relationship to the letter I wrote. Mr. Udall also wrote me back, but he just wanted to tout some legislation he was sponsoring that had the word hydrogen in it.
How does one get the attention of one’s senators? Reason and logic don’t seem to work and I don’t have any money to buy their time.
And then there is Stephanie Richard. The first time she was elected, she came by my house and asked if I had any special issues. I said yes: hydrogen. We talked for a while and I thought she actually cared about my interests. Then she got elected and she didn’t answer the two or three letters I wrote her. Then she was running for election again and four or five people came by my house asking me to vote for her. I said I wouldn’t unless she came by and talked to me about hydrogen. She did come by and we talked for about 30 minutes. I thought it went well and that she would now be responsive to a constituent. But of course, her lips moved and after I voted for her again and she won again, she no longer cared about hydrogen or answering my letters.
What I wonder is how does she sleep at night and how does she feel right about cashing her paycheck when she refuses to do her job. I won’t be voting for her again, because I don’t think she really cares about this county, this world, and all the problems that so many people face. Another thousand humans will die of hunger or curable disease or unnecessary war in the time it takes you to read this letter.
When are human beings going to start caring about each other and working together to solve our common problems?
I don’t know what to say about our governor. She did answer the first letter I wrote, but sent me to her energy people who promptly buried everything. I’ve asked her on numerous occasions to just sponsor a conference where we talk about the advantages of moving to renewable hydrogen. But I guess I’m naive to think that someone who goes to Texas and gets money from oil millionaires for her campaign cares anything about what a resident of New Mexico might think. I guess it is legal to go get Texas oil money to get reelected, but I don’t think it is moral. Oil and gas pays so many of the people in our state government that a conflict of interest exists. Moving to renewable hydrogen would solve many problems, including creating new clean jobs, stabilizing the price of energy, reducing the chance of war, and starting the process of cleaning our world by not producing environment destroying hydrocarbons.
The Navajo Nation didn’t answer my letter. I thought, that as Native Americans, they would want to uphold the teachings of their ancestors and take care of the land that God and the politicians have given them. Converting the Four Corners Power Station to renewable hydrogen would create clean jobs for their people and stop the pollution coming from the coal fired facility. They have made a lot of noise about the pollution of their river from an old abandoned gold mine, yet the Four Corners Station is harming people all over the world by its pollution while the river is just polluted for a small number of humans. And I guess PNM is planning to burn coal at this station until all life is gone from mother Earth.
And then PNM and all the other energy companies spend millions of dollars on advertising telling us how great it is to burn their hydrocarbons, despite the fact that over a million human beings die of pollution every year in China alone. The commercial says that the CEO of PNM gets up every morning and worries about giving us clean energy. If she would just read the letter I wrote them, she would discover that there is a simple solution and her company could lead the world in the production of truly clean energy. And in this land of equal opportunity, I have no opportunity to advertise a sane solution to this problem, while the world goes spinning on, ever increasing the carbon content of our atmosphere and ever increasing the pollution that is killing our kids and destroying our precious environment. And the energy companies continue to advertise their false values.
Next I went before our own county council and asked them why they were continuing to buy hydrocarbons when our county could make its own hydrogen and never buy fuel again. So they buy more diesel buses and completely ignore their responsibility as the elite of this world to help those that are less fortunate. We could lead the way, move to renewable hydrogen, put solar panels on every roof, and never even suffer a discomfort in our way of life. Why are we so selfish that we help only ourselves?
Moore later, if it be the will of God, and the Post.