Letter To The Editor: Door To Door Scammer

By David Palmer
Los Alamos
This evening a nice young man came to my door in White Rock selling children’s books, with the story that he was financing an internship to go to Boeing to restore a P51 Mustang. He said that he lived just a few blocks away. Since I don’t have children he said that I could also pay for the books to be donated to a children’s hospital.

After he left, I googled the company “experiencesales.com“, and found that they are persistent scammers. I even found somebody else who had evidently met the same person three years ago in Arizona: http://www.topix.com/forum/.

However when a very earnest-looking young man appeared at my door claiming to be a university student selling magazines in order to earn money to travel to Boeing to restore a vintage aircraft, I fell for his scam hook-line and sinker.
The charming young man says he lives with his grandparents several streets over from my house. He even had managed to get the neighbors name (who sent him away) and told me that the neighbor sent him over to my house and had basically challenged me to meet his purchase of books to send to a children’s hospital in Phoenix.
The company The Experience, LLC has an F rating with BBB, the hospital denies any charitable donation of childrens books, and the university denies any such fundraising project. I’m the last person who thought they would fall for a scam but this young fellow was GOOD!”

I have stopped payment on my check.


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