Letter To The Editor: Changes To ACT Bus Routes

Los Alamos
First, thank you to the county and ACT for a wonderful service. Our family has used the buses for many years. 
For years, the ACT bus has been a great alternative for our children to get between the Middle School, High School and White Rock at times other than the standard school bus route times. Our family has used the buses extensively for before school and after school activities at the schools that are NOT served by the public school’s regular bus schedule. 
We really appreciate Atomic City Transit’s service for our kids to be able to safely get to and from the schools, especially the High School, for a wide range of before and after school activities.

Unfortunately, the new schedule/route system eliminates this incredibly valuable service. The new White Rock routes, for some unclear reason, do not serve the High School anymore. Several years ago, the White Rock bus went from White Rock up to the Transit Center and then changed in the North Mesa Bus, and went past the High School to the Middle School. 

The reverse route was also from North Mesa to the Transit Center, change to White Rock Route and then come down to White Rock. This was absolutely wonderful for White Rock Families, because it provide easy travel between White Rock and the schools (both High School and Middle School). 
More recently, the 2T bus would go from White Rock up to the Transit Center, change to the 2M bus and go past the High School before coming back down to White Rock. The reverse was also true of the 2M bus going past the High School to the Transit Center and then back to White Rock as the 2T route. 
Both Routes allowed for easy and safe transport from White Rock to the High School throughout the day, which was a great service for before and after school activities.

The New Route plan does not provide this service at all. It has NO routes that have both White Rock and the High School (nor the Middle School). The new 2M route is incomplete, and unlike every other route, does not go to the Transit Center.

Please ask the County Council and ACT to reconsider the changes to the White Rock routes, and complete the 2M route past the High School to the transit center. Or, if for some reason, they want to minimize the routes that go to the Transit Center, have the 2M route continue down Central and Canyon, past the Senior Center, the Pool and to the High School before looping back, providing access for White Rock Families to all those critical locations on one bus route. 

Please help maintain the Atomic City Transit’s critical role in the lives of White Rock Families by having routes that include critical locations like the High School.

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