Letter To The Editor: About TV News…

Los Alamos
TV news. Is it an oxymoron?
As a news junkie, I’m continually disappointed by the lack of news on our three “local” stations. The same stories are played over and over and the only talent I think it takes to be a news reader, is to be able to read the same story over and over and pretend it is new.
The best I can tell, the root of News is New. Is new news redundant? Is old news, news at all?
As I tune in to local news, I hear the same stories. But wait! Now they tell me they have some “real” news, but I have to wait until after the commercial before they will tell me this news.
Aren’t they afraid it will get old by the time the commercial is finished? And if this isn’t bad enough, if they really have an important news story, they tell me I have to switch channels and watch at 10 p.m., or even wait until Tuesday, so that they can tell me this news.
One would think they are anti-news stations rather than news stations.
And now KRQE thinks they are an alarm clock, and their purpose is to wake me up.
I suffer from a severe sleep disorder and their new music video proclaiming they wake up New Mexico is very offensive and completely out of order at 3:30 a.m., a time I’ve heard it while searching for news.
They must be the most expensive alarm clock in the world. And Albuquerque must be the luckiest city in America and the only one with 4 channel 13’s, as they display their logo on channels 13, 19, 2, and 50, making it impossible to determine which channel one is watching.
Why don’t they just have more and better news as a method of attracting more viewers?
I watch the Japanese, the British, the German and other newscasts, so I know there is a lot more news that could be presented, if anyone really cared about being a news station.
The concept of entertainment seems to have replaced news.
Now we must know the names of all the news readers, whether they left New Mexico and came back, or whether they are new here. Why is the personality of the news reader important? And what gives them the right to comment on the news?
Have they made some great contribution to human thought? Does the script actually say “Babble X minutes?”
I have to admit that I don’t care about any of these qualities. Give me a boring guy who doesn’t have a name, but reads continuously “new” news.
KOAT says you can count on them. If I want to count on something, I’d use my fingers. KOB has news you can trust. The only thing I can trust is that they care far more about making money than they do about giving me news I can trust.
And of course, KRQE is waking me up. Why is a slogan more important than the news? Will we ever have real news again?
Should the anchors be named Pete and Repete? Life seems to be full of more questions than answers.
Moore later, if it be the will of God, and the Post.