LAPS Teachers, Nurse And Librarian Honored With Multiple Nominations For 2020 Community Asset Awards

Los Alamos Middle School math teacher Christina Wadlington nominated for the 2020 Community Asset Awards for always having the ‘show up’ mentality. Courtesy Photo

Los Alamos Middle School Nurse Minsung Chae with her husband and sons. Courtesy photo

Executive Director

The Los Alamos Middle School does the community proud with multiple nominations for the 2020 Community Asset Awards.

We begin with Christina Wadlington, math teacher, department chair, and student council leader. She was nominated for always having the show up mentality. She is committed to students and during remote learning has developed two virtual clubs.

Wadlington has a reputation for going the extra mile, and is always willing to meet with students to support them if they’re struggling with math. She is praised for all she does, and has been recognized for efforts to make Los Alamos Middle School a far better place, for her co-workers. She said that her students are the best part of teaching and that the staff is great.

“During the pandemic it has made me realize that we are tough,” Wadlington said. “This is not an ideal situation but we are coping as best as we can. As funny as it is, I miss the students talking during the lesson.” 

Minsung Chae is up next, serving as the Los Alamos Middle School Nurse. Mint as she is called, is in her third year on site. She is credited for her amazing work keeping LAMS staff and students safe and informed, both prior to COVID and during the pandemic. She has implemented new strategies and protocols to increase the efficiency of the nursing position, and has a wonderful way with students and staff. She is married with two sons. 

Art in a pandemic is often what keeps a boat afloat and LAMS Art teacher Laura Parkison is the Captain of the Boat. She arrived at LAMS in 2015, and strives to improve, while always engaging the students both in normal times and remote. She contributes her own personal artistic skills, gives valuable support to administration, colleagues, and has squeezed in classes for her personal growth. She is a wife, mother and Los Alamos High School cross country coach.

Some people really step up in a pandemic and library clerk Ellen Nunez since 2008 was ready for the challenge. During one point, Nunez and a fellow employee kept the library in order and running smooth. This year she is the onsite librarian and works with the Los Alamos On Line Academy. Nunez allows library services for students and staff to continue during remote learning status, which for many may supply an escape to another world. Nunez grew up here and LAMS is so glad she is a part of their community. 

Teacher Sandy Tobin was recognized as a student leader for the Los Alamos Interact Club. The youth component of the Rotary Club of Los Alamos has done a large amount of community work during the pandemic with food drives, helping senior citizens and more. The youth received Champions of Youth Ambitions’ (C’YA) highest award – the Spirit of the West. 

Those who wish to support the Community Asset Awards are asked to donate just one dollar and send it to PO Box 4741, White Rock, NM 87547. With the 2020 recognition, the Community Asset Awards has celebrated 12 years.

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