LAPD Squeaks Win Over LAFD At Baseball Game

Los Alamos Police and Firefighters face off at Monday’s annual 4th of July Slow Pitch Tournament at Overlook Park in White Rock. While the police didn’t hose the firefighters, they did win the tournament by one run with a final score of 27 to 26. Photo by Jennifer Bartram
LAPD Ofc. David Boe pitching the ball. Photo by Jennifer Bartram
LAFD shows some real enthusiasm watching LAPD hit the ball. Photo by Jennifer Bartram
LAFD narrowly loses the game to LAPD. Photo by Kateri Morris
Members of the New Beginnings Fellowship of Los Alamos thank the first responders. Photo by Kateri Morris
NBFLA serves up lunch for the hungry players. Photo by Kateri Morris
LAPD’s up at bat. Photo by Kateri Morris
Coaching 3rd base. Photo by Jennifer Bartram
LAFD waits for the pitch. Photo by Kateri Morris
Gotcha! Photo by Kateri Morris
Sportsmanship on display. Photo by Kateri Morris
The little guy gets in some batting practice. Photo by Kateri Morris
LAFD and LAPD enjoying the day. Photo by Jennifer Bartram
LAFD surprised by umpire’s call. Photo by Jennifer Bartram
Watching the hit from second base. Photo by Jennifer Bartram
End of the game congratulations. Photo by Jennifer Bartram