LAHS Class Of 2016 Honors Convocation

Madison Ahlers presents the Iron Athlete Award to Isaac Dunwoody. Photo by John McHale
LAHS News:
Los Alamos High School presented its Honors Convocation May 24 at Smith Auditorium. Many students were honored for their four years of hard work and academic dedication. LAPS Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus presented the welcome message to all in attendance.
Topper’s biggest fan, Morrie Pongratz, served as the Master of Ceremonies, and was assisted by LAHS Principal Brad Parker, LAHS Assistant Principals Renee Dunwoody and J. Carter Payne, and LAHS Athletic Director Ann Stewart. Connie Goettee was the Honors Convocation Program Coordinator.
Awards and Scholarships
Appointment to US Naval Academy, presented by David Swingle Capt, USNR-ret: Seung Heon (Victor) Kim.
Aaron S. Goldman Memorial Scholarship, presented by Dr. Blake Wood: Connor Bailey, Talia Dreicer, John Rees.
Aspen Elementary School PTO Scholarship, presented by Rhonda Simmonds: Megan Bucklin, JoAnna O’Neill.
Barranca Elementary School PTO Scholarship: Emily Hopkins.
Chamisa Elementary School PTO Scholarship, presented by Debbie Smith: Celeste Levy.
Coca Cola Scholarship, presented by Renee Dnnwoody & J. Carter Payne: Xin Eutsler, Makaela Jones, Marisa Ronquillo.
Deborah Beene Memorial Music Award, presented by Alison Pannell: Jamie Philp, Eun Jin (Grace) Kim, Brian Johnson, Irene Kwon, Theodore Warner.
Del Norte Credit Union Scholarship, presented by Matthew Waldschmidt: Nicholas Koskelo.
Eastern Star Scholarship, presented by Debbie Morley: Queanna Lopez, Ronald Derek Selvage.
Elizabeth Angela Ladino Memorial Scholarship, presented by the Ladino Family: Eun Jin (Grace) Kim, Song-Li Morris, Jonathan Salazar.
Explorer Post 20 Scholarship, presented by Peggy Robey: Rory Cooley, Maxwell Herrmann, Erin Kennison, Camille Rousculp.
Frank G. Frainier Unit 90 Auxiliary Education Scholarship, presented by Randi Moore & Sltaunessy Nadeau: Nathan Scrimshaw, Claire Spach.
Friends of Los Alamos County Libraries Scholarship, presented by Diane Toups: Maxwell Herrmann, Faith Montano, Anna Tompkins, Katherine Wang.
June Ettinger Memorial Scholarship, presented by Rita Sanchez: JoAnna O’Neill.
George and Joan Bjarke Scholarship, presented by Gary & Judith Bjarke: Megan Bucklin, Makaela Jones, Jonathan Salazar.
Hastings Smith Memorial Vocal Scholarship: Devon McCleskey.
Hospital Auxiliary of LAMC Scholarship, presented by Christina Bernardin: Queanna Lopez, Song-Li Morris, Ronald Derek Selvage.
Irene Boone Memorial Scholarship, presented by Morrie Pongratz: Megan Bucklin, Xin Eutsler.
Iron Athlete Award, presented Madison Ahlers: Isaac Dunwoody.
Jay Woodward Memorial Award: Nathan Delgado, EliseAnne Koskelo
Jim and Fat Edmonds Memorial Scholarship (Summit Garden Club), presented by Shelby Redondo: Ashlynn Trujillo
Jim Sims Memorial Engineering Scholarship, presented by Becky Sims: Theodore Peterson
J. Robert Oppenheimer Memorial Scholarships, presented by Larry Deaven:
for outstanding promise in science and math: Jovan Zhang
in memory of Mary and Harold Argo: Katherine Wang
in memory of Juliamarie Langham Grilly: Nikola Draganic
  • in memory of Nicholas C. Metropolis: Rachel Wallstrom
  • in memory of Nancy Laubach Freed: Rebecca Cai
  • in memory of Barbara Storms: John Rees
  • for outstanding academic achievements: EliseAnne Koskelo, Seung Heon (Victor) Kim

Karen McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship, presented by Thomas McLaughlin: Megan Bucklin.

Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos Scholarships, presented by Sharon Stover & Lisa Wismer: Emily Hopkins, Eun Jin (Grace) Kim, JoAnna O’Neill, John Rees, Jonathan Salazar, Anna Tompkins.
Lou Pierotti Honorary Memorial Scholarship: Talia Dreicer.
Stephen Stoddard Memorial Scholarship: Camille Rousculp.
Jeannette O. Wallace Memorial Scholarship: EliseAnne Koskelo.
Knights of Columbus, Sacred Heart Council 3137 Scholarship, presented by Wayne Danen, Jeff Brown & John Ireland: Mary Brug, Isaac Dunwoody, JoAnna O’Neill, John Rees, Camille Rousculp, Justine Zimmerly.
Knights of Columbus Jamie Lee Ireland Memorial Scholarship, presented by Wayne Danen, Jeff Brown, & John Ireland: Queanna Lopez, MacKenzie Mork, Ashley Roybal.
LANL Foundation Los Alamos Employees’ Scholarship Fund Awards, presented by Norman Delamater:
Gold Scholar: Katherine Wang
Silver Scholar: EliseAnne Koskelo, Devon McCleskey
Domenici Scholar: Seung Heon (Victor) Kim
Bronze Scholars: Connor Bailey, Rebecca Cai, Nikola Draganic, Deanna Gutierrez, Eun Jin (Grace) Kim, Nicholas Koskelo, Madeline Lockhart, Michael Cade Mallett, John Rees, Isabelle Runde, Rachel Wallstrom
William & Gertrude Fradkin Memorial: Madison Foley.
Los Alamos Garden Club Scholarship, presented by Kathy Taylor: Talia Drecier.
LAHS Alumni Scholarship in memory of Shirley Fries, presented by Stephanie Sequra & Christine Weaver: Marisa Ronquillo.
Lucille McCleskey Memorial Scholarship, presented by Christine Weaver: Celeste Levy.
Los Alamos Light Opera Scholarship, presented by Laurie Tomlinson: Camille Rousculp.
Los Alamos Little Theatre Scholarship, presented by Patricia Beck: Devon McCleskey.
Los Alamos National Bank Scholarship, presented by Kathi Fisher: Eun Jin (Grace) Kim.
Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation Scholarships, presented by Joanna Gillespie: Mary Brug, Rebecca Cai, Deanna Gutierrez, Maxwell Herrmann, Emily Hopkins, Makaela Jones, Joanna O’Neill, John Rees, Rachel Reynolds, Camille Rousculp.
Rynd Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Wallstrom.
Los Alamos Schools Credit Union Scholarship: Makaela Jones.
Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra Scholarship, presented by Joyce Guzik: Brian Johnson, Eun Jin (Grace) Kim, Nicholas Koskelo, Katherine Schirato.
Margot Pellette Memorial Scholarship, Deanna Gutierrez, EliseAnne Koskelo.
Masonic Scholarship, presented by Chris James: Rachel Reynolds.
Materials Information Society Scholarship: Nikola Draganic, Nicholas Koskelo, Jovan Zhang.
Mountain Elementary School PTA Scholarship, presented by Cherie Trottier: Theodore Peterson, Camille Rousculp.
Music-Filled Life Scholarship: Allison Cunningham.
National Securities Technologies Scholarship, presented by Morris Kaufman: Nikola Draganic.
National Merit Scholarship, presented by Brad Parker: Michael Cade Mallett, Devon McCleskey, Katherine Wang.
National Young Arts Foundation Award, presented by Renee Dunwoody: EliseAnne Koskelo.
New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association Scholarship, presented by Marco V. Lucero: Joash Inoferio, Alexander Mancino, JoAnna O’Neill, Lane Saunders, Ronald Derek Selvage, Mikyla Smith.
Northern NM Sr. Men’s Golf Association Scholarship: Katherine Wang.
Don Pompeo Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Koskelo.
Phi Beta Kappa of Los Alamos Scholarship: Rebecca Cai, Rachel Wallstrom.
Pinon Elementary School PTO Scholarship, presented by Kathi Fisher: Isabelle Lakis, John Rees.
Rotary Club Great Expectations Award, presented by Alison Pannell: Megan Bucklin.
Rotary Service Award, presented by Alison Pannell: John Rees.
Stoddard Nursing Scholarship, presented by Joanna Gillespie: Marisa Ronquillo.
Thomas Intrator Scholarship, presented by Miranda Intrator: John Rees.
UNM BA/MD Program Selection, presented by Tamara Clover: Angela Feng.
VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship, presented by Art Brown: Anna Tompkins
Zia Credit Union Merit Scholarship, presented by David Woodruff: Nathan Delgado, Song-Li Morris, Annie Smith, Ivan Sean Trujillo, Justine Zimmerly.
The following athletic awards were also presented during the evening: Black Lion Award, presented by Garett Williams
Josef Sorenson
Wally Walters Memorial Scholarship, presented by Rob and Kathy Hipwood
Talia Dreicer and Seung Heon (Victor) Kim
James Edmund Stewart Scholarship, presented by David Gartz
Hayden Walker
Los Alamos Sports Association Award, presented by Gene Mortenson and Mike Maez
Ashlynn Trujillo, Lane Saunders
Clendenen Student Athlete Award, presented by Lon Clendenen and Ann Stewart
Talia Dreicer, Seung Heon (Victor) Kim, Nicholas Koskelo, Ashlynn Trujillo
National Merit Program Semifinalists & Finalists
Rebecca Cai, Rory Cooley, Nikola Draganic, Sincheng Huang, Seung Heon (Victor) Kim, EliseAnne
Koskelo, Madeline Lockhart, Michael Cade Mallett, Devon McCleskey, John Rees, Katherine Schirato, Sarah Schirato, Ivan Sean Trujillo, Kim Vo, Rachel Wallstrom, Katherine Wang, Colin Wilburn.
National Merit Program Commended Students
Nathan Delgado, Val Jackson-Hundley, Faith Koh, Faith Montano, Julia O’Brien, Kaelan Prime,  Camille Rousculp, Sydney Schoonover.
Lion Clendenen Award Nominees
Connor Bailey, Eric Burnside, Talia Dreicer, Miranda Dominguez, Emily Hopkins, Seung Heon (Victor) Kim, Nicholas Koskelo, Christopher Romero, Ashlynn Trujillo.
Additional Honors and Awards
Daniel Aguirre: NMSU Scholarship (New Mexico State University)
Michelle Alexander: Vanguard Scholarship (Alverno College)
Connor Bailey: NM Supercomputing Challenge Scholarship (University of California, Davis)
Mary Brug: Woodrow Scholarship (University of New Mexico)
Eric Burnside: Copper Scholarship, NM Lottery Scholarship (New Mexico Tech)
Rory Cooley: Presidential Scholarship (University of Maryland)
Taylor Cupp: Success Grant (University of New Mexico)
Corinne D’Andrea: WUE Scholarship (Colorado State University)
Steven Dunn: Academic Excellence Scholarship (University of Texas at Dallas)
Alexandra Edelmann: Academic Achievement Scholar, New American University Plus Award (Arizona State University)
Angela Feng: BA/MD Program Presidential Scholarship (University of New Mexico)
Madison Foley: New American University Scholar-Deans Award (Arizona State University)
Sierra Foley: Athletic Scholarship, Freshman Success Scholarship, NM Lottery Scholarship (New Mexico Highlands University)
Zachary Goldstein: Presidential Scholarship (University of North Dakota)
Roxanne Grieggs: Presidential Scholarship (SUNY Albany)
Deanna Gutierrez: United States Youth Senate (Harvard University)
Phillip Heikoop: WPI Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
Maxwell Herrmann: WUE Scholarship (Montana State University)
Emily Hopkins: Presidential Scholarship (University of New Mexico)
Makaela Jones: Honors Excel Scholarship (New Mexico State University)
Eun Jin (Grace) Kim: Merit Scholarship (University of Pittsburgh)
EliseAnne Koskelo: Jr. Science & Humanities Symposium, National Merit Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction, MIT Inspire National Finalist, Los Alamos County Science Fair Grand Prize Winner, Los Alamos Youth Business Grant Recipient (Pomona College)
Nicholas Koskelo: AP Scholar, National Chemistry Olympiad Finalist, Regional Science Bowl Champion NM State Team 5A Chess Champion (Harvey Mudd College)
Joseph Ladino: Presidential Scholar (New Mexico Tech)
Isabelle Lakis: Silver Scholarship (New Mexico Tech)
Madeline Lockhart: National Merit Scholarship (Texas Tech University)
Alexander Mancino: Presidential Scholarship Special Talent Music Award (Arizona State University)
Devon McCleskey: Talent and Merit Scholarship, Presidential Scholar Semifinalist (University of Michigan)
Faith Montano: Presidential Scholarship (University of New Mexico)
Mackenzie Mork: Success Grant (University of New Mexico)
James O’Brien: New American University Scholar-President’s Award (Arizona State University)
JoAnna O’Neill: Distinguished Finalist, Presidential Spirit of Community Awards, Wendy Heisman Elks Foundation (Western Washington University)
Theodore Petersen: Supercomputing Challenge Scholarship, NM Lottery Scholarship, NM
Scholars Scholarship (University of New Mexico)
Samantha Peterson: Presidential Scholarship (New Mexico Tech)
Jamie Philp: Honors Scholarship, Presidential Scholarship, Music (Violin) Scholarship (Colorado State University)
John Rees: RMD Ski Patrol Scholarship (Stanford University)
Christopher Romero: High Achiever Leadership Scholarship (New Mexico State University)
Marisa Ronquillo: Honors Excel Scholarship (New Mexico State University)
Isabelle Runde: NMAA Streamline Swimming Scholarship (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Jonathan Salazar: Leadership Institute Scholar, Bridge to Success Scholarship, NM NGAUS Scholarship, NM Coalition of Educational Leaders (University of New Mexico)
Katherine Schirato: National Scholars’ Award (Arizona State University)
Sarah Schirato: National Scholars’ Award (Arizona State University)
Katelyn Skeen: Daniels Fund Scholarship (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Mikyla Smith: Legacy Scholarship (University of Oklahoma)
Ian Suszcynsky: NM Lottery Scholarship, Success Grant (University of New Mexico)
Tomas Teel: J.R. Roybal Trust (University of New Mexico)
Melissa Teter: Summitt Scholarship (University of Oregon)
Ashlynn Trujillo: Presidential Silver Scholarship, Women’s Basketball Athletic Scholarship (New Mexico Highlands University)
Ivan Sean Trujillo: National Scholars (University of New Mexico)
Greyson Venhaus: Bridge Scholarship (University of New Mexico)
Kim Vo: National Merit Scholarship (University of New Mexico)
Katherine Wang: UNM PNM Math Contest, Presidential Scholar Semifinalist (Princeton University)
Justine Zimmerly: Presidential Scholarship, NM Lottery Scholarship (New Mexico Tech)