LAFD Conducts ‘Last Call’ For Howard Richerson

Los Alamos Fire Department personnel honor one of their own Friday with a special ‘Last Call’ event. Photo by Randi Moore


The procession travels through Los Alamos. Photo by Leland Lehman/


The Richerson family would like to thank the entire Los Alamos Fire Department for the amazing job they did in honoring our husband/father/uncle/grandfather during his services last Friday.

Howard spent 32 years with the LAFD and with only a few phone calls, they went above and beyond anything we expected to honor him! They fulfilled every wish he had for his “Last Call”.

There are no words to express how much we all appreciate what you did! We would like to thank Chief Troy Hughes, Deputy Chief Paul Grano, Honor Guard Commander William Nackers, the entire Honor Guard and the crews from Stations Four and Six!

THANK YOU to every member of the LAFD whose name was not mentioned, we know everyone had a hand in this! The job you ALL did will forever be engraved in our memories!

We would also like to thank the LAPD and Sgt. Brent Hudspeth for their outstanding job in escorting the procession!

Thank you again!

The Richerson Family

Scene at Guaje Pines. Photo by Leland Lehman/
Scene at Guaje Pines. Photo by Leland Lehman/