Kratzer Top Predictor in Tuesday’s Pace Race

Dogs join runners at Tuesday’s Pace Race. Courtesy Photo


David Kratzer was just 3 seconds shy of a perfect prediction in Tuesday’s pace race.

The annual staggered-start pace-race/fun-run was held Tuesday on the White Rock bike path. The predictors with the slowest times started first from Piñon/Rocket Park, and the ones with the fastest times started last. The Jones family had many good predictions.

The best predictors (and the time that they were off their prediction) for the 1 mile were Emilee Jones (16 seconds), Makaeka Jones (17 seconds), Morgan Jones (18 seconds), Georgia Pedicini (27 seconds), Savanna Strother (33 seconds), and Zack Jones (46 seconds.)

For the 3 mile course, the best predictors were David Kratzer (3 seconds), Bill Rice (7 seconds), Ted Romero (34 seconds), Zachary Medin (40 seconds), Daren Jones (45 seconds), and Roxana Candia (47 seconds.)

Next Tuesday’s Pace Race will start on West Jemez (Rt. 501) across from S-Site (TA-16), 0.7 miles from N.M. 4 (the back gate.) Two sets of courses will be provided, either along West Jemez or on steep trails. For information, call 672-9243 or 672-1639.


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