Joseph Maestas Announces Candidacy For State Auditor

Democratic Candidate for State Auditor

As the great-grandson of a constitutional delegate, Jose Amado Lucero, I am proud to officially announce my candidacy for State Auditor.

Many of you know I grew up on a small farm. Helping run a family-owned business in Santa Cruz, New Mexico instilled in me the value of hard work at an early age. And work hard I have. It has been an honor serving our country as a Federal civil servant for more than 30 years, and also serving New Mexico as an elected official for nearly 15 years.

As a seasoned public servant, I always want to bring value to the office I manage. My goal as State Auditor is to see the agency reach its full potential as a top regulatory body. As New Mexicans we know there is room for improvement in the tracking of public funds. It is time leadership stepped up to the task.

New Mexicans also know where waste, fraud, and abuse happens in their part of the state. That is why I pledge to undertake a listening tour, to visit all 33 of New Mexico’s counties during my campaign. I want to hear from constituents across the state, to know first-hand what is going on in our communities, and begin the hard work of holding powerful elected officials accountable.

Most of all, I believe working families deserve a State Auditor who will balance the interests of taxpayers and politicians. I believe working families deserve a State Auditor who will ensure state agencies operate in a transparent, accessible and ethical manner. I believe working families deserve a State Auditor who will perfect the process by which our elders are protected in their guardian and conservator arrangements.

Read more about Maestas on his campaign website.

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