‘Jewish Identities: Lost, Rediscovered And Reclaimed’ In Santa Fe, Nov. 12-13

“Jewish Identities: Lost, Rediscovered and Reclaimed,” the theme of the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society’s (NMJHS) Conference, takes place the weekend of Nov. 12-13, in Santa Fe.
Jonathan Israel, Ph.D., Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton University, speaking on, “Why Did the Main Persecution of New Christians for Crypto-Judaism End, in Mexico, in the Middle of the Seventh Century?”
The NMJHS’ 29 th Annual Conference begins at 1 p.m., Saturday at the New Mexico History Museum Auditorium on the Santa Fe Plaza.
New Mexico Historical Museum’s exhibition, titled “Fractured Faith: Spanish Judaism, the Inquisition and New World Identities,” will be open for the Conference. Many Jews came from Spain to the Southwest, to escape the Inquisition, by pretending to convert to Christianity.
Some still remembered their Jewish ancestors but kept the secrets of their Jewish Heritage. The evening reception and dinner Saturday will be at the Lodge at Santa Fe, for the rest of the Conference, ending Sunday. Room at the Lodge at Santa Fe is $95 per night, if booked before Nov. 1; breakfast comes with the room.
Contact flodge@hhandr.com or 500.992.5800, to book a room. For more information, contact New Mexico Jewish Historical Society at 505.348.4471. Website: (http://nmjhs.org/)