Jerry Bower Memorial 5K Run Results

Start of the Race. Courtesy photo

Editor’s Note: Story Updated May 14, 2012

ACRR News:

The Jerry Bower Memorial 5K Race was held on Saturday, May 12th, 2012 for the Alzheimer’s Association starting and ending at the Betty Ehart Senior Center and running the streets just North of downtown Los Alamos. Below are the results:

Men 5Km, 19 and under
1,Chris Buntain,00:22:14.01,Los Alamos;

Men 5Km, 20-29
1,James Keane,00:27:35.62,Los Alamos;

Men 5Km, 50-59
1,Gregory Buntain,00:44:25.00,Los Alamos;

Men 5Km, 60-69
1,Steve Shook,00:31:37.59,Los Alamos;
2,Ted Williams,01:10:19.00,Los Alamos;

Men 5Km, 70+
1,Burton Krohn,01:09:58.00,Los Alamos;

Women 5Km, 19 and under
1,Elizabeth Wilson,00:27:55.17,Los Alamos;
2,Hannah deNevers,00:28:40.95,Los Alamos; 
3,Eva Hauzsar,00:28:44.36,Los Alamos;
4,Melanie Borup,00:42:03.86,Los Alamos;
5,Kate Wilson,00:48:49.00,Los Alamos;

Women 5Km, 30-39
1,Nikol Strother,00:24:26.00,Los Alamos;
2,Kristy Ortega,00:28:54.48,Los Alamos;
3,Dana Dattelbaum,00:32:10.19,Los Alamos;

Women 5Km, 40-49
1,Ellen Borup,00:42:04.30,Los Alamos;
2,Patti Burntain,00:44:25.00,Los Alamos;
3,Deanne Idar,00:44:25.00,Los Alamos;
4,Krish Wilson,00:49:06.00,Rio Rancho;

Women 5Km, 60-69
1,Susan Krohn,01:10:17.00,Los Alamos;

Women 5Km, 70+
1, Inez Ross, 00:46:27.00, Los Alamos.

The Winners – Nikol Strother and Chris Buntain. Courtesy photo 

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