IBEW President On Push To Abolish Cadillac Tax

IBEW News:
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers President Lonnie R. Stephenson issued the following statement regarding bipartisan efforts to repeal the Cadillac Tax:
“I applaud the more than 300 members of Congress from both parties who added their names to legislation that would repeal the so-called Cadillac Tax, which is burdening employers and employees alike with increased health care costs.
“This tax unfairly punishes companies that did the right thing by offering comprehensive health plans, while squeezing the budgets of working families, many of whom agreed to forego wage increases in lieu of better health benefits. The Affordable Care Act was meant to provide relief for working people from spiraling medical costs and guarantee access to affordable health care for all families.
“The Cadillac Tax does the exact opposite and I am pleased that lawmakers from both parties are coming together to remove this unnecessary burden on the American people and economy. It is time for Congress to move on a full repeal of the tax this year.”