House To Begin Archiving Webcasts

Rep. Jeff Steinborn
SANTA FE  The New Mexico House of Representatives has passed legislation changing its rules to require that it begin archiving its webcasts of committee meetings during the next legislative session.
The rule change House Resolution 1, introduced by Representative Jeff Steinborn (Las Cruces), requires that the House begin archiving its committee meetings beginning next legislative session. This is the 3rd year Steinborn has introduced the archiving legislation.
“This is a huge step forward in increasing the transparency of the New Mexico House of Representatives,” Steinborn said. “When this archiving begins, citizens will be able to watch the legislature at their convenience and have a record of our proceedings. I deeply appreciate my colleagues for embracing this historic step.”
Currently the House and Senate broadcast their committee meetings while they are occurring, but do not record them for play back later. The new rule, which passed unanimously by the House of Representatives, would require the Legislative Council Service to provide a recording of the committee webcasts for a period of five years after the meeting broadcast. As a House of Representatives rule change, the legislation only affects the House.
In 2010, Representative Steinborn was the author of the original rule requiring the House of Representatives to begin webcasting its meeting.