House Speaker Applauds Efforts To Modernize Chamber And Improve Transparency

House Speaker Don Tripp


SANTA FE  House Speaker Don Tripp praised recent upgrades to the information technology systems and processes used by the House of Representatives.
Tonight was the first time these enhancements to improve the public’s ability stay informed about amendments being considered while the House is in session have been used. 
“I commend the efforts of House Chief Clerk Denise Ramonas to modernize our systems to 21stCentury standards,” Tripp said. “The changes she has spearheaded provide more transparency to the public and allow people to follow the details of what is being discussed on the floor as they happen.”
Previously, amendments offered on the House Floor were not available to the public until hours after they were proposed, and amendments that were not adopted were never posted for public review. Thanks to the improvements made to the House’s systems and amendment filing process, the public and the media now have real-time access to the text of amendments as they are being debated.   
The amendments are posted on the new website for the New Mexico State Legislature. The new site is available here.