Hilltoppers Swimmers Win Second At Barney Relays

From left, Alex Jaegers, Mark Torres, Kaan Unal, Justin Lemke, Kaitlin Bennett, Jessica Moore, Jesse Liechty and Niamh Short. Courtesy photo
HSH News:
The Los Alamos High School Hilltoppers swimming and diving teams competed at the 35th Barney Relays Saturday, Nov. 12 at Albuquerque Academy.
Both the girls and the boys finished second among the eight teams in the competition.
The Hilltoppers won three relays. The girls 200 breaststroke relay team of eighth-grader Kalen Melton, freshman Beth Short, sophomore Sonyia Williams and sophomore Jillian Bennett edged out Academy, 2:17.12 to 2:17.81.
The boys 200 butterfly relay of senior Justin Lemke, senior Ethan Rickards, sophomore Nick Berndt, and sophomore Dylan Ma) touched in 1:52.00 ahead of Cleveland’s 1:54.56.
The Hilltoppers not only won the last event of the meet, the coed 8 x 50 freestyle relay, but shattered the meet record. The record-setters were all seniors: Mark Torres, Jesse Liechty, Justin Lemke, Niamh Short, Kaan Unal, Jessica Moore, Alex Jaegers, and Kaitlin Bennett. Los Alamos’s time of 3:24.13 was nearly three seconds faster than the previous mark of 3:27.12 set by Academy in 2014.
Two relays achieved state meet qualifying standards (SQT):
Girls 200 medley relay 2:03.50 (Jesse Liechty-12, Beth Short-9, Sophie Schmidt-9, Katherine Elton-8) (SQT).
Boys 200 medley relay 1:53.82 (Ian Jaegers-9, Jake Hollis-12, Justin Lemke-12, Alex Bullock-11) (SQT).
The Hilltopper divers, making an appearance at the Barney Relays for the first time in several years, got second behind Academy and ahead of Cleveland.
Team Scores:
Girls: Academy 172, Los Alamos 130, Cleveland 98, Rio Rancho 90, St Pius X 66, Sandia Prep 52, Piedra Vista 38, Farmington 8
Boys: Academy 158, Los Alamos 140, Cleveland 112, St Pius X 64, Rio Rancho 44, Farmington 36, Sandia Prep 34, Piedra Vista 8 
35th Annual Barney Relays
Albuquerque Academy November 12, 2016
SQT = State Qualifying Time Top Three Teams plus Los Alamos HS
Team Scores:
Girls: Academy 172, Los Alamos 130, Cleveland 98, Rio Rancho 90, St Pius X 66, Sandia Prep 52, Piedra Vista 38, Farmington 8
Boys: Academy 158, Los Alamos 140, Cleveland 112, St Pius X 64, Rio Rancho 44, Farmington 36, Sandia Prep 34, Piedra Vista 8
Mixed Diving Relay: Academy 367.05, Los Alamos 342.35 (Mychael Garcia, Liz Lockhart), Cleveland 337.55
Mixed 400 Medley Relay: Academy 3:52.86 (meet record), Los Alamos 3:59.79 (Alex Jaegers, Jillian Bennett, Dylan Ma, Kaitlin Bennett), Cleveland 4:18.12
Girls 200 Free Relay: Academy 1:42.68, Piedra Vista 1:54.22, Los Alamos 1:57.23 (Kim McKinley, Caemlyn Tripp, Riana Foley, Sophie Schmidt)
Boys 200 Free Relay: Academy 1:33.26 (SQT), Farmington 1:36.88 (SQT), Los Alamos 1:41.62 (Alex Bullock, Ethan Aulwes, Neil Wilkerson, Mark Torres)
Girls 200 Breast Relay: Los Alamos 2:17.12 (Kalen Melton, Beth Short, Sonyia Williams, Jillian Bennett), Academy 2:17.81, Rio Rancho 2:28.78
Boys 200 Breast Relay: Academy 1:58.63, Cleveland 2:05.80, Los Alamos 2:09.60 (Jack Whitacre, Max Corliss, Mark Torres, Jake Hollis)
Girls 200 Back Relay: Academy 1:57.53, Cleveland 2:01.55, Rio Rancho 2:12.68, Los Alamos 2:12.72 (Maddie Ovaska, Onnolee Englert-Erickson, Cory Liechty, Sara
Shiina) DQ
Boys 200 Back Relay: Academy 1:47.74, Farmington 1:59.06, Cleveland 2:05.10, Los Alamos 2:07.64 (Ian Jaegers, Konstantin Nelson, Zeph Tripp, Neil Wilkerson)
Mixed 400 Free Relay: Academy 3:31.95, Los Alamos 3:34.86 (Kaan Unal, Jessica Moore, Kaitlin Bennett, Alex Jaegers), Rio Rancho 4:09.66
Girls 400 IM Relay: Academy 4:21.13, Los Alamos 4:30.59 (Jesse Liechty, Sara Shiina, Sonyia Williams, Jillian Bennett), Cleveland 4:37.54
Boys 400 IM Relay: Academy 3:57.18, Los Alamos 4:11.75 (Ian Jaegers, Dylan Ma, Nick Berndt, Kaan Unal), Cleveland 4:26.76
Girls 200 Butterfly Relay: Academy 1:53.64, Cleveland 1:57.28, Los Alamos 2:01.47 (Sara Shiina, Sonyia Williams, Niamh Short, Jessica Moore)
Boys 200 Butterfly Relay: Los Alamos 1:52.00 (Justin Lemke, Ethan Rickards, Nick Berndt, Dylan Ma), Cleveland 1:54.56, Sandia Prep 1:55.74, Academy DQ
Girls 200 Medley Relay: Academy 2:00.62 (SQT), Los Alamos 2:03.50 (SQT) (Jessica Liechty, Beth Short, Sophie Schmidt, Katherine Elton), St Pius X 2:08.77
Boys 200 Medley Relay: Academy 1:41.05 (SQT) (meet record), Los Alamos 1:53.82 (SQT) (Ian Jaegers, Jake Hollis, Justin Lemke, Alex Bullock), St Pius X 2:02.33
Mixed 8 x 50 Free Relay: Los Alamos 3:24.13 (meet record, old record 3:27.12 Academy 2014) (Mark Torres, Jesse Liechty, Kaan Unal, Niamh Short, Justin Lemke, Jessica Moore, Alex Jaegers, Kaitlin Bennett), Academy 3:27.58, St Pius X 3:38.06

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