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OD dg Health Care – Page 2

Health Care

Los Alamos Family Council CountUP! Week 11

Executive Director
Los Alamos Family Council

Each month the Los Alamos Family Council Counseling Center provides services to more than 100 clients.

Our mental health therapists provide personalized service and care helping these individuals, couples, and families improve daily conditions in their lives.

The cost of these services often exceeds the ability of clients to pay. Each month, Los Alamos Family Council writes off more than $11,000 for services provided in the Counseling Center.

Rather than turning clients away, Los Alamos Family Council seeks individual and Read More

New Global Health Book By Local Author Richard Skolnik

Courtesy image

Staff Report:

Jones and Bartlett Learning has announced the publication of Global Population Health: A Primer by author Richard Skolnik of Los Alamos.

Global Population Health is designed to provide a brief overview of global health to a wide range of health administration and clinical audiences.

Beginning with a concise explanation of the importance of global health, this brief text moves on to examine many of the most important global health issues and their economic and social consequences. It then discusses some of the steps that can be taken to address these concerns Read More

Skolnik: COVID Briefing Note #10 – Omicron Is Surging

Los Alamos

Editor’s Note: This is the 10th in a series of COVID-19 Updates by Richard Skolnik that appear bi-weekly in the Los Alamos Daily Post. These are meant to keep the community informed on the status of the pandemic, critical new findings on the pandemic, and what this information suggests for our community’s response to COVID-19. These updates complement the data that Eli Ben-Naim prepares for the Post. Unless otherwise noted, data is from the New York Times and the New Mexico Department of Health.

Pandemic Data and Trends – For the Week Ending Jan. 18, 2022 

In Read More

State Introduces Free At-Home Rapid Testing Program


More than a million tests expected by next week

SANTA FE – Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) are securing more than 1 million ihealth at-home rapid antigen tests for the state, to be initially distributed in areas of higher social vulnerability.

So far, more than 400,000 tests have been secured, with the remaining tests expected to arrive in the coming week.

“I am committed to doing everything we possibly can to get the resources needed, despite national testing shortages,” Gov. Lujan Grisham said. “I have directed the Department of Health Read More

Los Alamos COVID-19 Impact For Week Ending Jan. 18, 2022

Los Alamos COVID Impact:
COVID-19 statistics for the week ending Jan. 18, 2022 impacting Los Alamos County:
  • 2945 tests
  • 431 diagnoses (325 in Los Alamos, 106 in White Rock)
  • 1 death

Source: New Mexico Department of Health. By Eli Ben-Naim.

Read More

Chart: 573 Reflects COVID-19 Diagnoses Versus Date And By Age Group In Los Alamos Jan. 18, 2022

This chart shows the seven-day average number of COVID-19 diagnoses versus date in Los Alamos. On a scale of 0 to 100, the diagnoses index quantifies the current level of diagnoses by using a comparison with daily levels since the start of the pandemic (the higher the index, the more severe the current state of the pandemic is). At an all-time high, the current number of diagnoses is higher than 100 percent of preceding days. Source: New Mexico Department of Health. Created by Eli Ben-Naim
This chart shows the number of COVID-19 diagnoses by age group for the past week in Los Alamos. Source: New Mexico
Read More

Chart 572 Reflects COVID-19 Hospitalizations In New Mexico March 17, 2021 – Jan. 17, 2022

This chart displays the number of COVID-19 related hospitalizations versus date. The Hospitalization Index compares the current level of hospitalizations with the daily levels since the start of the pandemic. The higher this index is, the more severe the pandemic is at present. The number of hospitalizations today is higher than 86 percent  of the preceding days. Source: New Mexico Department of Health. Created by 
Eli Ben-Naim
Read More

Atomic City Quilts & Close-Knit Yarn Co-Op Closed Jan. 18-19 Due To Potential COVID-19 Exposure

Mary Fellman, left, of Close-Knit Yarn Co-Op and Shelly Kuropatwinski of Atomic City Quilts are closing their shops Tuesday and Wednesday due to a potential COVID-19 exposure at 1247 Central Ave. Post file photo


Out of an abundance of caution and a potential COVID-19 exposure, Atomic City Quilts and Close-Knit Yarn Co-Op will be closed to the public Tuesday, Jan. 18 and Wednesday, Jan. 19 at 1247 Central Ave.

Atomic City Quilts and Close-Knit Yarn Co-Op will continue to provide no-contact curbside pickup and online orders. Read More

Manhattan Project National Historical Park Los Alamos Visitor Center Announces Closure Due To Local And State COVID-19 Surge

MPNHP Los Alamos News:

Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Los Alamos and New Mexico, the Manhattan Project National Historical Park (MPNHP) Los Alamos Visitor Center on 20th St., will be closed Monday, Jan. 17.

Assessment of the COVID-19 situation will be conducted throughout the week with decisions made accordingly for next weekend’s operations.

MPNHP Los Alamos apologizes for any inconvenience to visitors.

About the MPNHP Los Alamos

Formally established in November 2015 via a Memorandum of Agreement between the Department of Energy and the National Park Service to preserve portions Read More

Hope Christian School To Pay $5,000 COVID Fine

PED News:

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) has announced that New Mexico’s largest private school has agreed to pay a $5,000 civil penalty for violating the state’s public health order requiring everyone on campus to wear a face covering to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Albuquerque’s Hope Christian School, which has almost 1,400 students enrolled in grades pre-K through 12, said in a Jan. 12 letter that it was dropping a request for an evidentiary hearing and paying the proposed fine.

The letter was signed by Matthew Spangler, the school’s lawyer, and sent to Craig Read More

Gruninger: Yoga Therapy To Juice Your Joints

Los Alamos

When we talk about different yoga postures we can discuss them from the perspective of strength, flexibility, balance and skill. When we talk about health we can discuss our mental health, physical health, and emotional health. We can also discuss our muscles, connective tissue, and joints.

As a yoga therapist I work with all types of issues but one issue clients often talk about are their joints.

Clients share that their joints pop, creak, bubble and any number of other descriptors. Our joints are important and keeping them functioning Read More

Chart 571 Reflects COVID Cases At LAPS Jan. 10-16

The bars in this chart display the number of COVID-19 diagnoses by school for the week ending Jan. 16. In all, Los Alamos Public Schools reported 188 cases. Source: Los Alamos Public Schools (link). Created by Eli Ben-Naim
Read More

Chart: 570 COVID Update In New Mexico Jan. 15, 2022

The bars in this chart display the diagnoses rate, the hospitalization rate, and the death rate by vaccination status for the four week period ending Jan. 10, 2022. The diagnoses rate, the hospitalization rate, and the death rates are 2.2, 6.7, and 17.6 times smaller for the vaccinated compared with the unvaccinated. Source: New Mexico Department of Health. Created by Eli Ben-Naim
Read More

Leonard: Supplements To Supercharge Immune System

Doctor of Chiropractic
Los Alamos

Following are anti-viral supplements to supercharge your immune system:

Vitamin D – has been researched extensively and a deficiency significantly impacts the function of our immune system. Viral infections tend to peak in the winter because the days get shorter and the sun is less intense which causes a decrease in our bodies ability to maintain healthy levels. You might be deficient if you have a darker complexion, wear sunscreen all the time or spend most of your time indoors. Levels can be tested through routine bloodwork at your Read More

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Plans $80M Regional Cancer Center

CHRISTUS St. Vincent President and CEO Lillian Montoya

CHRISTUS St. Vincent News:

Santa Fe – The CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital Board has announced its commitment to a new and expanded Regional Cancer Center on the hospital’s main campus.

The initiative represents an important step in the hospital’s continuing mission to serve the cancer care needs of the entire Santa Fe and North Central New Mexico community.

This new state of the art building will ensure a patient-first, fully integrated cancer program that ensures patients can receive all their cancer care in one location, with expanded Read More

Attorney General Balderas Seals Victory For New Mexico; Enters $5 Billion Opioid Settlement With Johnson & Johnson

Attorney General Hector Balderas

AG News:

ALBUQUERQUE — Attorney General Hector Balderas announced Friday that New Mexico will join in a $5 billion nationwide settlement with drug maker Johnson & Johnson and two related companies, resolving allegations that the companies fueled the opioid crisis in the state.

The companies have agreed to pay New Mexico its share of the settlement in full, in 2022, if all eligible New Mexico county and city governments sign onto the deal by May 31, 2022.

Most other states will be paid over the course of several years.

“Opioids have destroyed families in New Read More

NMLCS On Admittance To New Mexico State Capitol

New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe. Courtesy/


The New Mexico Legislative Council Service (NMLCS) issued the following information Friday regarding admittance to the New Mexico State Capitol for the 2022 Legislative Session, which begins Tuesday:

Screening for Firearms

Per Legislative Council Policy No. 26, beginning Dec. 6, 2021, all firearms, including concealed handguns, explosives or other deadly weapons are prohibited in the State Capitol with limited exceptions. Security staff will conduct the screening of members of the public entering the building. Read More

All LAPS Sites Move To Temporary Remote Learning

LAPS News:

Los Alamos Public Schools (LAPS) has announced that after careful consideration and a review of positive tests, quarantine and isolation numbers, attendance data, and available staff, the decision has been made to pause in person instruction at all school sites until Jan. 24. 

“Through our contact tracing, we have seen indications of spread of COVID in our schools,” Interim Superintendent Jennifer Guy said in a news release.

Students will temporarily have remote learning from Tuesday, Jan. 18 until Monday Jan. 24. Schools are not in session Monday, Jan. 17 in recognition of Martin Read More

Updated Chart: 569 Reflecting Latest COVID Cases At LAPS

This chart shows the percentage of the population (students + staff) who tested positive for COVID-19 over the past 12 days in Los Alamos Public Schools. The rightmost column shows the district-wide average. Schools are expected to transition to remote instruction for 10 days once 5% of the school population tests positive during a 14-day period. The octagons highlight the number of additional cases that would cause a school to reach the 5% threshold. Source: Los Alamos Public Schools (link). Created by Eli Ben-Naim Read More