Former Singer/Guitarist Of ‘Wardog’ Releasing Old Song: ‘Clouds Of Magellan’ Sung In Klingon

Musician Tom Gattis of Los Alamos. Courtesy photo
Tom Gattis, former singer/guitarist for 90’s Heavy/Power Metal band Wardog announces the upcoming release of an old song titled “Clouds Of Magellan,” which is sung in the Klingon language.
Klingon is a well-known language originating from the Star Trek television series.
Wardog originated from Phoenix, Ariz., in 1994, but disbanded in 2000. Tom Gattis has lived in Los Alamos since 2009 and works at Los Alamos National Laboratory as a structural engineer. He is still active in the music scene and plays in bands like Tension and Ballistic. 
He said he’s excited about this release of “Clouds Of Magellan” and hopes to catch the attention of local Star Trek fans in the area.
Wardogs “Clouds Of Magellan” will be available in late April, and can be picked up online here.
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