First State Run Women’s Transitional Living Home

Construction underway at one of the transistional housing units. Courtesy/NMCD
NMCD News:
The New Mexico Corrections Department is excited to announce the first ever state run gender specific transitional living center.
The Pavilions, upon completion later this year, will house 30 female offenders. The first housing unit will be completed this spring, allowing about a dozen women to move into this female specific program focused on rehabilitation, life skills, and reconnecting with children and family; in essence changing these women from tax drainers to tax payers.
The program will be located in Valencia County in a state owned building that was vacant. The New Mexico State Legislature appropriated the funding last year for this project which was spearheaded by Gov. Susana Martinez’s initiative to be tough but smart on crime.
Women housed at the facility will be low risk offenders returning to our communities after serving their full prison sentence. A full time staff, to include Probation and Parole officers, therapists and counselors will help these women phase back into society and set them on a path to a law abiding life.
“We need to treat women differently than men to address their specific needs and help them transitional home better then they left,“ Secretary Gregg Marcantel said. “Women are our fastest growing inmate population, and with a recidivism rate at 46%, we must focus on reducing the probability that these women will reoffend. This program will be geared specifically toward getting these women back with their children, helping them overcome any addiction or abuse issues and preparing them for the workplace and a world far away from the prison razor wire.”
NMCD has been working since last summer to bring outside partners, local law enforcement and community leaders in Valencia County together to ensure the program will be successful. As part of working with the Los Lunas community the Pavilions will be bringing in at least eight job opportunities, with room for expansion.
“By opening the transitional program called, The Pavilions in Los Lunas, New Mexico joins a growing number of States and communities who recognize that with comprehensive and compassionate support, we can effect positive change in the lives of women, their children, their families and their communities.” K.C. Quirk, Executive Director Crossroads for Women said. “This is good for all of us.”
The department intends to pay for the program with the cost savings associated with reducing recidivism. Currently it cost about $104 a day to house the average inmate, while offenders on supervision can cost as low as $9 a day.