Espanola YMCA Teen Center


The Espanola YMCA Teen Center (EYTC) hosted the second annual Born-2-Cruise Model car & Custom Bicycle Show Saturday, April 14.

This event was a great success and was flooded with more than 200 visitors and more than 50 participants.

Low-rider enthusiasts from all around the community and outward attended and showed off their custom creativity.

Courtesy Photo


“The Espanola youth were given a chance to shine and that is what we (EYTC) are all about,” EYTC Program Co-Director Dion Gabriel said. “The kids love it … when they have a passion and interest in something, whether it’s big or small, and they are given an opportunity to be noticed for it – they bloom with self-confidence. It is through this encouragement and positive connectivity along with the assistance of their fellow community that can spark change and in turn can ignite greatness. We urge the local and surrounding communities to come out and be a supportive part of next year’s event, and all future EYTC events.”

Lowe’s Home Improvement’s generous donation to the EYTC

The Espanola YMCA Teen Center was blessed with a very generous donation made possible through the local Lowe’s Home Improvement Store.

Lowe’s donated a grand total of $650 worth of pond equipment to push along the EYTC’s desire to create a calming area for their teens.

The area will eventually be fully transformed into a Bird Sanctuary by summer’s end.

The teens are super excited about their new addition and all have “put their hands in it” both work-wise and literally.

EYTC members and staff including Benjamin Sandoval, Ben Sandoval, Randy Roybal, Billy Jones, Andre Ortiz and Brandon Sandoval. Courtesy Photo


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