Dr. Zee Benefit Concert: Thank You To Community

Dr. Zee speaking at her recent fundraising event concert to help with her medical expenses. Photo by Kateri Morris
Hosting Dr. Zee Benefit Concert was truly a gift and the organizers are grateful for the opportunity to serve a wonderful cause.  Dr. Zee has touched many students with her gift of teaching and as students, we had the opportunity to take one of her classes. When we heard that Dr. Zee was going into treatment, we tried to think of small ways to show our support for her. Thanks to the whole community, our hope for a small show of support, turned into a wonderful burst of support.
Over 100 people signed into the silent auction that night and wonderful donors from seemingly every facet of the community came to listen to the music and donate to the concert. In total we raised $6634.31 from that night and from a rose sale that was put on earlier in the week.
Thank you to everyone who extended their kind words to us for putting on the event. However, this event was not possible without the help of many groups and individuals.
The auction had close to 40 items, all donated from businesses and community members. An enormous thank you to the following individuals and businesses:
Abe Dispennette State Farm
Alex Zubelewicz
Aspen Copies: printed all copies for the concert and advertisement before
Barbara Yarnell
Beto Carlson
Betty Nance Smith
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 
Blue Window
Blue Window Bistro
Bob’s Bodacious BBQ
Cindy Leyba
Cruiser’s Custom Embroidery
Don Taylor’s Photography
Everlasting Electrolysis
Float Los Alamos
Fuller Lodge Art Center
Gillian’s Flower Shop
John Pawlak & Carol Furchner
Julie Smith
Juy Menefree
Kallisto by Kat Hand Crafted Jewlery
LA Tan & More
Lise Lookman
Los Alamos Family YMCA
Margie Sarrao
Mary Campbell
Mesibov’s Elite Cleaning Service
Morning Glory
Papa Murphey’s Los Alamos
Pet Pangea
Real Deal Theatre P & L Housekeeping Service
Sabria Hankins
Saint Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Church
Sasha Scully: Artist
Secret City Kitchen
Self Help, Inc
Sky Fitness, LLC
Sonic Los Alamos
Taylor Pomeroy Photography
Thailand Thai Cuisine
Trinity on the Hill Episcopal Church
Vintage Hair Company
Our fantastic performers included:
Ben Christiansen
Beto Carlson
Chris Atencio
Daniel Wierl
Darien Raistrick
Jedidiah Beddo
Juanita Madland
Kaylen Pocaterra
Michelangelo Lobato
Moises Pinto
New Beginnings Church
Nic Gonzales
Ryan VanCleave
Shelley Kelley
Troy Makela
Lastly, we would also like to thank the community for helping to spread the word and bringing friends to the concert. Much of the success was due to these efforts and we are very grateful for this.
We live in a wonderful, generous community. Through the experience, we saw the true gift of giving from everyone and the heartwarming comments from so many to help encourage us as we came to the finish line. We live in a truly amazing and unique community.
The Facebook page will remain up for some time if there is an interest in donating to Dr. Zee’s Crowd Rise Page. Also visit:
Dr. Zee with Tony Stidham (husband) to the left. Photo by Kateri Morris
Bidders during the auction. Photo by Kateri Morris
Moises Pinto and Michelangelo Lobato. Photo by Kateri Morris
Darien Raistrick playing the piano. Photo by Kateri Morris
Kaylen M. Pocaterra, organizer, announcing during the event. Photo by Kateri Morris
Sasha Scully, artist who did a live painting and donated painting to the auction. Photo by Kateri Morris
Tony Stidham, Dr. Marcee who ran a bone marrow donation table. Photo by Kateri Morris
Holly Aikin, Cayla Aikin, and Lauren Hargraves. Photo by Kateri Morris
Chris Atencio. Photo by Kateri Morris
Concert goers in line at Secret City Kitchen. Photo by Kateri Morris