Christmas Trees Available Starting Friday At Valles Caldera National Preserve – Help Restore The Forest!

LAVC News:
Los Amigos de Valles Caldera will once again be helping the Valles Caldera National Preserve to thin overgrown forested areas to protect it from further large wildfires.
These freshly cut trees will be available for four weekends, starting on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, at the Valle Grande Staging Area, off N.M. 4 between mile marker 39 and 40.
The Los Amigos de Valles Caldera will be there 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.Saturdays and Sundays thereafter including Nov. 28-29, Dec. 5-6, Dec. 12-13 and Dec. 19-20.
The trees will generally be White Fir of varying sizes from about 4 feet to 12 feet. Suggested donations are between $25 and $35 payable by cash or check only.
The Las Conchas and Thompson Ridge fires taught the lesson that “unhealthy” forests, with high fuel loads and uninterrupted contiguous fuel distributions across the landscape, are prime real estate for history-making uncharacteristic wildfire on a previously unimaginable scale.
Enormous efforts will be needed to restore the remaining forests on the Preserve before the next ignition unleashes another uncontrollable fire. It’s evident that the forests are likely to burn again, but work is being done to ensure that fire can once again play a beneficial role in the ecosystem.
Consider coming early to pick out a tree this year they may run out, and be sure to check road conditions before traveling. Call 575.829.3885 or email to get an update. 
Los Amigos de Valles Caldera is the official Friends Group of the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Los Amigos has been working for almost 10 years to preserve and restore the natural wonder of one of North America’s largest calderas (extinct volcanic basins) with its unspoiled vistas, lush forests, meadow streams, and the sights and sounds of abundant wildlife. To date we have raised over $1.2 million in restoration funds and completed six riparian and wetland restoration projects on
the Preserve.