Chamisa School Recycle Bowl Challenge

Poster Contest grand prize winner Lia Rushton with County Environmental Services Manager Angelica Gurule, Chamisa Recycle Bowl Coordinators Megan Lee and Sabina Johns and poster contest coordinator Renee Mitsunaga. Courtesy photo

Grand Prize winning poster by Lia Rushton. Courtesy photo



Chamisa Elementary School and Los Alamos County worked together to enter the National Competition, Keep America Beautiful-Recycle Bowl Challenge. The challenge took place Oct. 19 to Nov. 15.

A GREEN TEAM comprised of fourth and fifth grade students and teachers helped students at lunch sort trash into compost, liquid, cardboard and other recyclable materials.
The school within four weeks, recycled more than 360 pounds. Recycling milk cartons every day can save up to 5 pounds of trash.
County Environmental Services Manager Angelica Gurule supported the efforts. She did a presentation about recycling for the third and fourth graders, provided prizes for a poster contest, and attended the Recycle Art Show.
Gurule has agreed to come back to Chamisa to give more presentations to inform other grade levels. Next year, Chamisa is planning on partnering again to launch
another Recycle Art/Fashion Show.

“It has really gotten the kids excited about recycling and they want to keep going,” Chamisa teacher Sabina Johns said.

Many lessons were learned and the school is committed to keep recycling. More than 47 entrants participated in a Reuse, Reduce, Recycle Poster. Students  worked diligently to get the message across using strategies for an outstanding poster. The grand prize winner’s art work may go on the side of the ECO STATION recycling pick up truck.
Chamisa teacher Megan Lee, a coordinator of the project, extends appreciation out to the students for their hard work, Deb Snow, Coach Black, Jorge Aragon, Michelangelo Lobato, Renee Mitsunaga, Sabina Johns, Deidre Thorn and Angelica Gurule.
The teamwork between the school and community made this a successful project!
Josh Matteson first grade Recycle Bowl Poster contest. Courtesy photo
Ella Barker second grade winner. Courtesy photo
Uxue Sansinena third grade winner. Courtesy photo
Victoria Raven fourth grade winner. Courtesy photo
Gabby Gonzales fifth grade winner. Courtesy photo
6th Grade winner Ryan Rushton’s poster. Courtesy photo