Chamisa Elementary School Hosts Virtual Wax Museum 2020

The Chamisa 3rd grade class dresses up for the Google meet. Courtesy photo

Chamisa 3rd grade class portrays activists and politicians. Courtesy photo

Chamisa students portraying famous athletes. Courtesy photo


Nothing stops Chamisa Elementary School in White Rock from doing Wax Museum! Both third and fourth grade students recently participated in a Virtual Wax Museum.

Third graders who chose famous people from around the world had a special hour-long dress up Google Meet where students gave their speeches and viewed pre-recorded speeches.

Some tech-savvy students had special backgrounds and effects in their video with Lauren Mueller portraying JK Rowling with Harry Potter Land in the background. Ejli Farley did his video in black and white portraying the inventor of Legos to give it a 1930s feel. Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Torres, Chamisa third grade teachers, were blown away at the amount of participation and effort put forth by the students.

In 4th grade, Chamisa students research a person with ties to New Mexico. Sometimes, they choose a movie star or leader of a company, and sometimes students choose to research a family member or friend that works with community causes. David Parsons, the Social Studies teacher for 4th grade at Chamisa, was impressed to see the creative ways students dressed up as their famous person, and made videos.

Conway Lambson researched Jim White, who is credited with finding Carlsbad Caverns. Conway made his video with the help of his dog. Caroline Khan researched singer John Denver, and sang one of his songs in her video. Ella Trujillo researched her award winning horse trainer Stephanie Gershon. Other students researched athletes, singers, outlaws, and models to name a few.

Patrick Ito, a fourth grader, chose a special person, Chad Lauritzen aka “Sci Guy, dear to many Chamisa students. The “Sci Guy” has volunteered to teach hands-on science at Chamisa and other schools in Northern New Mexico for over fourteen years. He recently retired from the Lab after 25 years. The Sci Guy kindly met Patrick(social distancing to be interviewed) and gave him props to use for his video. “Sci Guy” made a lifetime memory for Patrick and we are lucky to have him in our community.

Chamisa 3rd graders portraying actors and entertainers. Courtesy photo

Chamisa 3rd graders portraying scientists and other famous people for the wax museum. Courtesy photo

Chamisa students portraying famous authors and musicians. Courtesy photo

Chamisa wax museum athletes. Courtesy photo

Chamisa 4th grade class as famous New Mexicans. Courtesy photo

Chamisa 4th grade class as famous New Mexicans. Courtesy photo

Chamisa 4th grade class as famous New Mexicans. Courtesy photo

Sci Guy and Sci Guy Jr. Patrick Ito. Courtesy photo

Sci Guy Jr. Patrick Ito. Courtesy photo

Chad Lauritzen and Patrick Ito. Courtesy photo

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