Boy Scout Troop 22 Completes Philmont Cavalcade

Standing on top of Mount Baldy from left, Jonathan Osden, Matthew Davenport, Miles Barkley, Walter Barkley, Jack Barkley, Ben Shirey, Bridger Spearing, Alex Shirey, Robert Shirey, Brad Morley, Steven Calhoun, Devon McCleskey, Nick Greenfield and Dane Spearing. Courtesy Photo

Boy Scout Troop 22 of Los Alamos has completed the cavalcade at the Philmont high-adventure camp in Cimarron.

Eleven boys, aged 14 through 16 and three adults, spent eight days riding horseback through the rugged mountains of northeastern New Mexico near the Valle Vidal.

Starting at base camp, this group was often up at 5 a.m., saddling and packing horses for the day’s ride.

The group would ride to a different camp each day, where activities included challenge events, rock climbing, spar pole scaling, hiking Mount Baldy, and finally, a competitive rodeo on the last day.

Learning the nuances of horse personalities were skills developed by all who attended. Additionally, many of the scouts overcame self-doubt and bravery in both the handling of horses and activities.

Wrangler Lucas Long and Horseman Kelly Knight who were assigned to Troop 22 were exceptional in their teaching and guidance relative to horseback riding and preparation.

They complimented the boys on their adaptability, stamina and quick learning curve.

The trip was a growth experience both in terms of self confidence and leadership skills. This group of older boy scouts is proficient in their camping skills, especially with regard to setting up camp, pitching tents, cooking meals and leaving no trace behind.

Troop 22 of Los Alamos is the third oldest continuously registered and the first horseback mounted Boy Scout troop in the nation.

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