Big Brothers Big Sisters Announces Volunteers Of Year

Ed and Juan hold up their art project. Courtesy photo
BBBS News:
Big Brothers Big Sisters Los Alamos Rio Arriba recently announced their Big Brothers and Big Sister of the year for 2014.
The winning volunteers were recognized at the 4th annual Drive for Matches Golf Tournament awards dinner. The tournament and awards dinner were July 18 in Los Alamos with the Bigs of the Year being presented plaques by Regional Director Dawn Brown of Los Alamos and Rio Arriba Counties.
Los Alamos School Based Big Brother of the Year
Big: Edward Jacquez
Little: Juan
Ed and Juan meet for lunch on Tuesdays at Barranca Elementary School. Both Big and Little enjoy drawing and building. One of their first projects together was creating a large poster.
This year they made a robotic arm. Ed commented that Juan is the “Project Manager” and he is the “worker”. Ed has also introduced Juan to some grad students and they talked with Juan about being an engineer.
Quote from Big Brother Ed: “Cultivating friendship through art comes natural to both Juan and I. His ability to convert thoughts and ideas into renderings is unbelievable. He has met every challenge I sent his way and he has stoked my creative fire. His potential is limitless and his smile is a game changer.  The stars were truly aligned when I was introduced to my little.”
The counselor at Barranca said that Juan is always excited on mentor days. Juan said he is never bored when he is with his Big Brother Lunch Buddy Ed.
Community Based Big Brother of the Year
Big: Steve Myers
Little: Isaac
Steve and Isaac live in Los Alamos and have been matched for two years. Steve and Isaac are sports fans and enjoy making wings and watching basketball and football. Isaac plays basketball for LAHS and Steve is often cheering him on from the stands.
Steve also helped Isaac learn to drive. Speaking of driving, you have probably seen Steve and Isaac driving the water cart at our last three golf tournaments.
Quote from Steve: “It has been a total pleasure being a part of Isaac’s life. Even though it’s two years away, he’s going to go away to college and I’m going to miss him greatly. Deciding to become a big brother in this program was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done, thank you BBBS.”
Quote from parent Sara: “Isaac and I are so happy for Stevehe deserves recognition for his service as a Big! As a parent, it is difficult to truly express my appreciation of having Steve as a Big for my son, Isaac. Steve entered Isaac’s life during a period of difficult transition, and has served as a companion, a friend, an advisor, and the most excellent of role models. Steve has had an invaluable impact on my child’s life, and for that I am incredibly grateful.”
Quote from Little Brother Isaac:  “Steve is a master chef, a kindhearted soul, and he has a beautiful sense of humorbut an even more beautiful little brother.”
Community Based Big Sister of the Year
Big: Sarb Nam Khalsa
Little: Eve
Sarb Nam and Eve live in Rio Arriba and have been matched for two years. Sarb Nam and Eve enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, bowling, going to the park and doing arts and crafts. Eve said arts and crafts are one of her favorite things to do with her Big Sister.
Quote from Big Sister Sarb Nam: “I love spending time with my Little Sister Eve. She and I have been together for two years and we’ve had some really cool adventures. The best part is hanging out, having fun, learning, and being creative. She and I are looking forward to spending lots of time together. So far we like doing art, baking brownies, swimming, and trying new activities. She is the best Little Sister ever!” 
“I am so grateful to be part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters. It is a blessing to help serve the children of Northern New Mexico in this way. I am thankful every day for being part of this program and I really appreciate the amazing support from the team of people who make it so much fun to be a Big Sister! I hope I get to serve for many years to come. ” 
Quote from parent Allison: “A match made perfect. Every time they go somewhere it’s exciting for them both”.
For more information about becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister volunteer contact Dawn Brown, 505.614.4231 or email Dawn can also be contacted to enroll a child in the BBBS program.
Steve and Isaac. Courtesy photo
Sarb Nam Khalsa and Eve. Courtesy photo
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