Bandelier Advising of Upcoming Closure May 22 or 23

Jason Lott, Superintendent of Bandelier National Monument, has announced that the main visitor area in Frijoles Canyon will be closed for at least part of the day on either Tuesday, May 22 or Wednesday, May 23. 

“We will be having very large pieces of equipment working in the canyon that day to install an interim crossing of the creek,” he said. “We are not certain yet which day, or at what time, this work will happen, but we want to minimize the impacts on our visitors.” 

Anyone planning a visit to the park on either of those days should keep an eye on information sources for updated information after Monday, May 14. 

When the date has been set, Bandelier will send information to the media and display details on the park website,; Facebook, BandelierNPS; and Twitter. Inquiries can also be made to the park Visitor Center at 505-672-3861 x 517 between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. any day after May 14.

The road bridge that connected the main parking lot to the picnic area and backpacker parking had to be removed as part of the measures taken to protect the historic structures from flash floods following last summer’s Las Conchas wildfire. 

The interim crossing will provide access for maintenance, service work, and public safety necessities, but will not be suitable for use by visitors’ cars. Installation will involve bringing a crane and two 65-foot-long trailers into the very limited space of the main parking area. 

It is planned that the crossing will be removed during the summer rainy season.

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