Art Show At Rose Chocolatier Friday

To celebrate its two-year anniversary, Rose Chocolatier is showcasing Louisa Gilani and Rose Cardona. These favorite mother-daughter artists expressive works are livening up the shop.
This Friday, July 8, Rose CHocolatier is hosting a reception for the artists at the shop. Visit with these talented women 5-7 p.m., and see their works. Chocolate goodies will be available for tasting. The show will be up through Aug. 7.
Rose Cardona: My Inspiration
The contour lines of New Mexico’s majestic mesas reflect a simplicity in composition that are a source of inspiration. I notice and admire aspects of Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams repetitive images and dark shadows, clean lines and mountain silhouettes. I find myself studying in great detail my son’s face and silhouette, creating a desire to capture the giggle of my new born on canvas. I’ve lived in New Mexico’s beauty for over twenty years, but I can always find inspiration from a simple smile. 
Louisa Gilani: Always Painting
Painting is a habit I started when I was 12 years old, and it has never left me. Every emotional feeling I have is written on canvas; which my collections will always express story and feeling. Every painting of mine has a story, a lesson, and a message of cheer, or survival. It feels good to have a hobby to express emotions. I hope you try painting your feelings as well.