American Federation Of Teachers New Mexico Reacts To New Mexico Education And Well-Being Report

AFT News:
ALBUQUERQUE American Federation of Teachers New Mexico President Stephanie Ly has released the following statement:

“Today’s release of the Annie E. Casey “Kids Count” Report is, yet again, a sobering reminder that six years of failed education policy from Secretary Skandera and Governor Martinez is hurting our students and weakening our public schools.

“In addition to being 49th in overall child wellbeing, New Mexico has finally slipped to 50thplace among the states – and yet Governor Martinez and Secretary Skandera continue to blame others by refusing to acknowledge their so-called reforms of increased testing times, expansion of non-transparent charter schools, and raiding the school funding formula to benefit their pet projects has finally caught up with them. We’re dead last in education, and the Governor and Secretary have yet to realize they are solely responsible for the results in today’s report.
“By continually blaming others – like members of the New Mexico State Senate – and digging in their heels in support of failed policies like retention, Governor Martinez and Secretary Skandera have actively opposed legislative measures which would increase access to universal early education, increase local control for school districts, and increase funding for recruitment and retention of highly qualified educators, among others. Their willful negligence is stunning, and comes with a high price for a generation of our children.
“Echoing the presumptive GOP nominee, Donald Trump, Susana Martinez and Secretary Skandera have ‘got to do a better job,’ but after six years, we aren’t holding our breath,” said Ly.