Adults And Kids Tour Local Businesses

Chit-Chat & Change Diapers, a Family Strengths Network program sponsored a tour of local businesses Friday for a group of children and adults. The group included the newsroom at the Los Alamos Daily Post at 1247 Central Ave., in their tour of several businesses. Photo by Chris Clark/
Ten adults and 16 children toured the Los Alamos Daily Post newsroom and other local businesses Friday. Photo by Chris Clark/
Los Alamos

The other day I was driving my four-year old daughter, Jane, from one fun activity in town to another and she asked, “Mom, how come we never go anywhere?” 

I was confused by this question as we are out and about all the time. After asking what she meant, I discovered she was wondering about all the buildings in town she hadn’t been in.  

Thus, we connected with The Chamber of Commerce and Small Business Saturday to plan a field trip walking from one local business to the next. Ten adults and 16 children ages one to five joined us on Dec. 4 for the tour, which was sponsored by Chit-Chat & Change Diapers, a Family Strengths Network program. 

We were welcomed by Aspen Copies, CB FOX, the Chamber of Commerce, Walk Your Talk: A Legacy Lived, The Los Alamos Daily Post, Warm Hearts Yarn & Atomic City Quilts, Boomerang and Rose Chocolatier. 

Fun was had by all!