2021 Dorothy Hoard Stewardship Award: Myron Gonzales

2021 Dorothy Hoard Stewardship Award recipient Myron Gonzales of Bandelier National Monument holds a painting by Pablita Velarde presented to him by the Friends of Bandelier as a token of their appreciation. Courtesy/FOB

Friends of Bandelier

Myron Gonzales of Bandelier National Monument was nominated by the Friends of Bandelier to receive the Dorothy Hoard Stewardship Award for 2021.

Gonzales is a member of the San Ildefonso Pueblo. His job at Bandelier is preservationist of the Ancestral Pueblo buildings and Civilian Conservational Corps National Historic District. He not only loves and cares for the land and buildings, but he puts his heart into his preservation activities. 

He sees the value and intricacy of a window built in the 1930s and wants to restore it to the beauty it once had. He grieves the irresponsible graffiti left by unthinking visitors. He has two projects in mind to use the $1000 of the Dorothy Hoard Stewardship Award. 

One is an anti-graffiti video to help the public understand how graffiti hurts these cultural sites. Secondly, He has a passion to teach the youth and would like to help the youth, through art, understand their creative abilities.

As a token of their appreciation, The Friends of Bandelier presented Gonzales with a painting by Pablita Velarde. Velarde was born into Santa Clara Pueblo in 1918 and became one of the most accomplished Native American painters of her generation. In 1939, Velarde was commissioned by the National Park Service under the WPA to depict scenes of traditional Pueblo art for visitors of Bandelier National Monument. The painting presented to Gonzales is called the Basket Dance, performed in the spring, and was painted sometime between 1940 and 1945.